Juggling events - UK‎ 1996

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Hastings Unicycle Hockey Tournament1996-01-071UK‎
University of Kent at Canterbury Juggling Convention1996-02-101UK‎
York Juggling Convention1996-02-181UK‎
5th Liverpool Circus Convention1996-02-251UK‎
Bristol University Uni-Hockey Tournament1996-03-171UK‎
Hay-on-Wye 11th National Circus and Theatre Convention1996-03-257UK‎
9th British Juggling Convention1996-04-114UK‎
3rd Birmingham Circus Convention1996-05-041UK‎
5th Great London Unicycle Grand Prix1996-05-121UK‎
Lancaster Jugglers Lake District 1996 (Swallow Barn)1996-06-222UK‎
Winchester International Arts Fair1996-06-283UK‎
3rd Wessex Juggling Convention1996-07-053UK‎
Winchester Hat Fair1996-07-053UK‎
8th International Unicycle Convention (Unicon) Guildford1996-08-058UK‎
Crawley Circus Festival 19961996-08-102UK‎
2nd Cambridge Juggling Convention1996-09-011UK‎
3rd Snowdonia Juggling Festival1996-09-063UK‎
8th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention1996-09-149UK‎
5th East Midlands Juggling Convention1996-10-061UK‎
5th Channel Island Juggling Convention1996-10-183Channel Islands‎
Lancaster University's Fourth Hallowe'en Juggling Convention1996-11-021UK‎
MissalToad Convention1996-12-072UK‎

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