Does everyone know that Broxford doesn't appear to be happening this year?

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It's Him -

Does everyone know that Broxford doesn't appear to be happening this year? I know some people don't use Facebook.
No explanation has been given.

Also Upchuck isn't happening either. In this case they couldn't get a committee of students together to organise it.


Richard Loxley - - Parent

With regard to Broxford, from the discussions on Facebook, it sounds like the main organisers are very busy with their own lives this year, and couldn't commit to the level of work required to make the convention happen.

It sounds like it may well just be a break, and it might return next year. But maybe too early to tell.

I'm currently contemplating what to do with my time in late summer/early autumn, since there will be no Broxford. I'm wondering about trying to get a few people together for a casual "juggler's holiday" instead.

There's a lovely campsite near the Peak District that a few of us have been to before, that seems very welcoming of groups, with lots of different areas, surrounded by trees and fields. There may even be some indoor space available for socialising. I'm going to do a bit of research to see if something like that might be possible. If anyone is interested in something like that, let me know :-)

It's Him - - Parent

I would be interested in a casual board gaming convention which was mainly open to jugglers. As long as it didn't do much in the mornings and there were no expectations for people to do any juggling. What my circumstances will be like at that time I couldn't say this far away.



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