Hello there, thanks for letting me join this forum.

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Jochen Setzer -

Hello there, thanks for letting me join this forum. I am a beginner juggler living in the Blue Mountains in Australia. So far I can only do the three ball cascade but I am working on some four ball juggling tricks right now. Cheers, Jochen

The Void - - Parent

Welcome aboard, Jochen. Straight to 4-ball tricks, though? 3-ball tricks can be a lot of fun. Well, anyhow, enjoy the ride!

7b_wizard - - Parent

hi & welcome

Tufty - - Parent

Hey Jochen

if you're already working on 4 ball tricks, you're not that much of a beginner. We're all still learning, after all, regardless of how long we've been throwing things up and letting them drop. What tricks are you working on?


Jochen Setzer - - Parent

Thanks Simon, I am working on the asynchronous and synchronous 4 ball fountain. A few weeks in I am seeing lots of progress but I am not quite there yet. Good point about learning more three ball tricks. I think that's what I will work on next. Just out of interest: Do you have a daily routine around your juggling practise?


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