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Anthony Trahair -

Hi everyone,

missed hanging out with my juggling buddies!

Here's some news of the end of summer in person training this year in Italy.

The focus will be on training teachers with our engaging and fun Pearls of Juggling method.
This is great for new trainers and as a continuous training for existing teachers.

It is an immersive training and you're not find anything quite like this anywhere. It's held in nature and we dive really deep into this work.

Taking YOU and YOUR students to the next level.
The intention is to "Make learning juggling fun and life transforming".

14-24th of Sept.
Pop that into your diary and come along!
Please write to me and let's have a chat.

The training will be split into three parts. The first two from 14-24 September.

Part 1 is dedicated to Mindset - body and breath work - focused training, juggling and movement, playfulness and engagement, learning to learn. How to create a friendly and fun sharing environment. Juggling as a tool for personal growth. We connect to our juggling like never before.

In Part 2 we go deeper into the creative process. We will explore how to create and hold a safe and brave space for this. Creating through improvisation and with the help of others improvisation and creativity, sequences and mini routines.
Everyone will come out with a new routine!

Please share widely!
See you, Anthony


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