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Aaron Römer Aka Aaron Von Der Rolle -

Hi everyone,

i joined cause there was an old entry of my local juggling meetup here in Kaiserslautern Germany and i wanted it to be updated :)

i am 28 years old, started practicing juggling with 19 where i joined university and by the time i finished my master degree i could unicycle and juggle :) currently working on 5 clubs or getting started with long staff. my pb is balancing a club on my head while balancing myself on a rola bola on 2 wobbly wooden boards on uneven ground xD juggling while hooping on rola bola is also one of my favourites.
besides that i practice on learning new 5 ball tricks or new 3 club routines.

The last big juggling convention i was it was in Kalrsruhe germany, but mainly i stayed local for now.
Otherwise i go a lot to mediavel markets, and juggle in mediavel jester clothes to the amuesement of myself and others :)

The Void - - Parent

Hi Aaron,
Welcome to The Edge!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome Aaron!
Merely trying to imagine those balance while balancing acts, makes me dizzy. And you're so active with several patterns & props - that's always motivating to read of.


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