Hey everyone.

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Ian F -

Hey everyone.

Can I nudge you to take a look at our World Juggling Day ... weekend event? #WJDW

It's happening soon and we'd love you to be there.

Ian F - - Parent

Sorry thought the hashtag might link to the event. It's on the events page 17th-19th June UK. 😀

Mïark - - Parent

I don't think hashtags work from forum any more, but there is a link from the event to forum discussions about it.

I did read somewhere that the sooner people pre-register, the more nice things there will be at WJDW

If people are strugging to find World Juggling Day Weekend in the listings, here is a direct link:

The Void - - Parent

Hashtags do work here, it's just that their function is not to link to an event page, but to all the forum threads that it has been posted in. Until just now, in this case that was only this one.

Ian F - - Parent

Thanks for your help all. 😃


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