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Objects in Motion

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This club has not been verified within the last 18 months and has been removed from the regular listings

Objects in Motion is the Official Juggling Club of the University of Florida. We're a student-run, no-holds-barred sports and performing arts club dedicated to the practice and teaching of all types of juggling. We welcome all new members, and all interests even vaguely associated with any form of object manipulation. If your hobby or skill involves any "objects" that might, at any time, be "in motion," then you should probably be in our club. We encourage anyone who is interested in us, or in learning how to juggle, to stop by one of our meetings and jOIM in the fun!


Univesity of Florida: Plaza of the Americas, Reitz Union, Everywhere else, Gainesville, Florida, United States


Tue/Thu Plaza 2-4pm. Wed Reitz 9-11pm. Sun O'Dome 1-3pm






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