Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic many events have been cancelled, some are being postponed, some are moving online. This database is being updated as and when information becomes available.

Please do not attend any gathering until your country's social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

Upcoming juggling events

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Cancelled Circus Dance Festival2020-05-285Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cancelled Cirkul'art 20202020-05-293Slovakia (Slovenská republika)‎
Cancelled Feuercamp Berlin Convention2020-05-293Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cancelled Rostock Convention 20202020-05-294Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cancelled 7. BachritterCon2020-06-045Germany (Deutschland)‎
POSTPONED - Newcastle Juggling Convention 20202020-06-053Australia‎
POSTPONED - Central Juggling Convention2020-06-061UK‎
Cancelled Alle Mitmischen 20202020-06-114Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cancelled Drop am See 20202020-06-114Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cancelled FireDrums 20202020-06-114USA‎
Cancelled Sound of Juggling2020-06-114Austria (Österreich)‎
Cancelled Flatland Juggling Festival 20202020-06-123USA‎
POSTPONED - TriFlow Fest 20202020-06-123Canada‎
POSTPONED - Artemisia Fire Gathering 20202020-06-184Italy (Italia)‎
Cancelled Cyrkopole | 4. Cyrkowy Festiwal Podwórkowy2020-06-193Poland (Polska)‎
ON-LINE World Juggling Day 2020 - IJA - 25th Anniversary!2020-06-201The World‎
Cancelled LübeCon 20202020-06-263Germany (Deutschland)‎
ON-LINE - NorthWest Flow Fest 20202020-06-272USA‎
Cancelled Sheffield Circus Skills Convention 20202020-06-271UK‎
Cancelled Boudu la Jongle – Village de Cirque2020-07-033France‎
Circus Culture Fest 20202020-07-034Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
EJC preparty2020-07-065Russia (Россия)‎
6ª Convenção Carioca de Circo2020-07-094Brazil (Brasil)‎
FDC 2020, Finnish Diabolo Festival2020-07-094Finland (Suomi)‎
POSTPONED - 43rd European Juggling Convention, Hanko, Finland2020-07-119Finland (Suomi)‎
Cancelled 73rd Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2020 - El Paso2020-07-137USA‎
Tilt 20 - UK Aerial & Physical Theatre Festival2020-07-137UK‎
Cancelled Equilibrium Arts Event 20202020-07-164USA‎
Winter is Passing2020-07-173New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Cancelled Carnaval Sztukmistrzów 20202020-07-234Poland (Polska)‎
Jongl' Ô Païs 2020 - Convention Française de Jonglerie2020-07-295France‎
Fahrenheit Flow Arts 20202020-08-064USA‎
Salo Circus Festival 20202020-08-073Finland (Suomi)‎
4th Hungarian Acrobatic Convention2020-08-129Hungary (Magyarország)‎
Cambridge Acro Festival 20202020-08-125UK‎
Cancelled PLaY Festival 20202020-08-195UK‎
Roztoč Fest 20202020-08-204Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
19th International juggling and theatre workshop ALEJE 2020 with master class by Doreen Grossmann2020-08-227Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
Bosnia Acro Convention - Akro Krupa 2020-08-228Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босна и Херцеговина)‎
FLOhio Fest 20202020-08-274USA‎
Cancelled Phoenix Fire Convention 20202020-08-274Germany (Deutschland)‎
2. Maintaler Jonglier & Einradnacht2020-09-043Germany (Deutschland)‎
Bungay Balls Up 20202020-09-0410UK‎
Cancelled 2ª Convenção Caipira de Malabarismo e Circo2020-09-085Brazil (Brasil)‎
30. Pyramidales Jonglier und Kleinkunstfestival2020-09-104Germany (Deutschland)‎
Graülich Convention Feu 20202020-09-113France‎
London Acro Convention 20202020-09-113UK‎
34ème Festival Suisse de Jonglerie en 2020 (34th Swiss Juggling Convention)2020-09-183Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
9th juggling convention of Tübingen2020-09-183Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cancelled ジャパン ジャグリング フェスティバル 2020 (Japan Juggling Festival 2020)2020-09-193Japan (日本)‎
15. J-Fest Türkiye Jonglörlük Festivali (Turkish Juggling Fest)2020-09-217Turkey (Türkiye)‎
Carpe Diem Flow Arts Festival2020-09-244USA‎
Portland Juggling Festival 20202020-09-253USA‎
Cancelled Midlands Circus Con2020-09-261UK‎
SpunOut : Fire & Circus Festival 20202020-10-024Australia‎
Animus Flow Fest 20202020-10-032South Africa‎
Flashepoint 20202020-10-084USA‎
6. Tohuwabohu Convention2020-10-093Germany (Deutschland)‎
Българска Жонгльорска Конвенция / Bulgarian Juggling Convention (BJC)2020-10-093Bulgaria (България)‎
IgNight Flow Retreat 20202020-10-155USA‎
Durham Juggling And Circus Convention2020-10-163UK‎
4a. Convenção de Malabarismo e Circo de Florianópolis2020-10-314Mexico (México)‎
Ceci n'est pas une quille 20202020-11-063Belgium (België)‎
FluggleBurgh 20202020-11-063USA‎
Leeds Juggling Convention 2020-11-211UK‎
Minnesota Mondo Juggling & Unicycle Festival2021-02-123USA‎
The Israeli Juggling Convention 20212021-03-295Israel (ישראל)‎
Israeli Juggling Convention fight night 20212021-03-301Israel (ישראל)‎
Thomas Dietz Jonglier-Convention bei der Traumfabrik2021-04-093Germany (Deutschland)‎
Tucson Juggling Festival 20212021-04-093USA‎
C'Koi Ce Cirque!!! 2ème édition2021-04-233France‎
Galway Juggling Convention 20212021-06-044Ireland (Éire)‎
74th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2021 - Wichita2021-07-127USA‎
The British Juggling Convention 2021 - Perth2021-07-276UK‎
The Israeli Juggling Convention 20222022-04-175Israel (ישראל)‎
Israeli Juggling Convention fight night 20222022-04-181Israel (ישראל)‎
75th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2022 - Cedar Rapids2022-07-117USA‎
The Israeli Juggling Convention 20232023-04-075Israel (ישראל)‎
Israeli Juggling Convention fight night 20232023-04-081Israel (ישראל)‎
76th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2023 - South Bend2023-07-177USA‎
The Israeli Juggling Convention 20242024-04-245Israel (ישראל)‎
Israeli Juggling Convention fight night 20242024-04-251Israel (ישראל)‎
77th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2024 - Green Bay, Wisconsin2024-07-087USA‎
The Israeli Juggling Convention 20252025-04-145Israel (ישראל)‎
Israeli Juggling Convention fight night 20252025-04-151Israel (ישראל)‎

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