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The Void -

#BBU2023 <- add yourselves if you're coming (hidden status, if you like)

Little Paul - - Parent

Well would you look at that.

I was only wondering about the BBU dates yesterday and here they are!

mike.armstrong -

We're doing a thing! In Newcastle-upon-Tyne!

Please come and join us at Newcastle Circus Fest, 10th to 12th March 2023


CameronFord - - Parent

Sounds interesting - are there any more details at this stage? Is there a website?

Uriair -

The Sapir Juggling Convention will take place for the second year in a row at The Sapir Park, Israel, from 5/1/2023 to 7/1/2023. On plan are juggling games, a youth show, and a gala show.

More details here -

Jak -

Tickets for the British Juggling Convention go on sale this Monday!

Check out for lots more info.

And don't forget to put yourself as 'going' in the Edge event listing :-)

#BJC #BJC2023

Mïark - - Parent

You can find the Juggling Edge event listing for BJC 2023 at:

BJC 2023 tickets now on sale!

Mïark -

European Juggling Convention 2023 - Ireland

In case anyone missed the announcement yesterday:

After bringing the Irish European Juggling Convention forward by a year when the French EJC team were unable to host EJC 2023, the Irish EJC team have been searching for the best venue in Ireland.

Next year’s European Juggling Convention will take place in Gormanston, Co. Meath, Ireland 29 July - 6 August.

Right on the border of Meath and Dublin, it is 40km north of Dublin:

Check out Gormanson Park if you would like to see more about the site:

We will have more information soon! We thank all the jugglers and circus enthusiasts for their patience leading up to this.

If you would like to volunteer and help out you can find out more information here:

pumpkineater23 -

Juggling Bumblebees!

7b_wizard - - Parent

cool! ... I'm glad, we're not alone with our spleen.

RIT Juggling Club -

Hello everyone!

I am William Stein, the current president of the Rochester Institute of Technology Juggling Club.
I learned how to juggle 3 years ago and I have been using it as a stress reliever ever since.

My EBoard and Club advisors will be working on organizing the 43rd RIT Juggle-In.
This event will take place March 24-26, 2023.

I look forward to meeting more of the juggling community!

The Void - - Parent

Welcome to The Edge, William.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi. Good idea, 'stress reliever'! ( in case, maybe consider throwing sth at what stresses ... Hey, no, wait! I mean, just 'consider' - not actually 'do' it ;-} )

CameronFord -

Another great edition of DJCC!
Arrived on the Friday evening and had fun hanging out, playing some dobble and doing a little bit of juggling in the hub.
Got a good night's sleep in a dorm room and woke up ready for some juggling on Saturday.
The venue on Saturday is really good, with squash courts for workshops, a nice big main hall and a side hall as well if the main hall is too busy.
I started off with some hoop passing before moving on to club passing. Managed to juggle a pattern I recently came up with:
Finished the day with some ring passing.
Went into town for some food before the show.
The show was amazing this year - best one day convention show I can remember for a long time. The headline act did some very impressive unicycling and rola bola.
Lisa Ellipse was amazing <3
Keith and Antonia had some really nice flowy acts and the compare did a great job.
Looking forward to next year already!

#DJCC2022 #ConventionReview

momo - - Parent

It is nice to see Andy juggling.

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