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Marie-Line Doyon -

Hi everyone ! My friend recommended I joined this awesome community, and share the event I've been working on for the past months <3
My name is Marie, and I run a small non-profit organisation aiming to promote the love of circus, as well as sharing skills and knowledge as a community!

We are throwing our 2nd edition of TriFlow Fest, a circus and flow arts festival that takes place June 16-18 in the province of Quebec, in St-Fortunat (South of the province, pretty close from the US border).
Our 1st edition took place in 2018, and was absolutely AWESOME. We can't wait to throw this event again in just a few weeks.

TriFlow Fest is an outdoor/camping festival of 3 days. There will be a total of 80 workshops offered during the weekend (of which 11 are focused on juggling and club passing), as well as music in the evening until 2AM, fire circles, and an open stage show on Saturday. Its a bilingual festival (bonjour!), all levels of skills and all circus disciplines welcome <3 Our schedule will be coming out pretty soon on our Facebook event and website.

Let me know if you have any question, Ill be happy to chat and connect!
Enjoy the weekend miawmiawmiaw


Mïark - - Parent

Hi Marie,

Welcome to Juggling Edge, TriFlow sounds great, is it going to be every five years?

Here is a link to help people find more details:


Marie-Line Doyon - - Parent

Hi Mïark, thank you! No not every 5 years hopefully :) We were supposed to only take a one year break before doing our 2nd edition, but then the pandemic happened and regulations were pretty rigid around here, so that took an unexpected turn. We're pretty stoked to be able to gather again this year :) Hopefully we can make it happen every year, or once every two years, we aren't 100% set on the frequence yet!

Daniel Simu -

Pocket state explorer

It's been a while since I've last posted here, but I got something fun to share!

Together with Sylvain Garnavault I made a toy to explore siteswaps. And you can get one!
They will cost about €25 and I can bring some to EJC. Let me know in the comments if you're interested, or send me an email ( , so we know how many to make!

Thanks for watching 🙂

Little Paul - - Parent

Oh now that’s fun! I like that a lot… I don’t juggle enough any more to justify getting myself one, but if I did I’d be all over that!

Ben Macy -


My name is Ben and I juggle 3,4,5 and 6 balls. My instagram is @dropthebom. I am focused on practicing 5 ball excited state siteswaps right now, and 6 ball basic siteswap. I also practice a little 7 and 8. I have done a fair bit with 3 and 4 ball box tricks and bodythrows. I spend a lot of time thinking about siteswap.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi. Cool.

The Void - - Parent

Welcome aboard the good ship Edge.

John Bradford -

Hello everyone

My name is John Bradford and I am fairly new to the juggling scene. I started going along to East London Circus Hug at Limehouse Old Town Hall in January after meeting some people at the Thames-side Gabriel's Warf Burn at the start of the year. I have made a bit of progress over the last few months particularly on fire staff, I also am learning Poi and LED 'wand', this has sometimes been a bit of a challenge with my somewhat impaired vision. I am particularly interested in looking at how our juggling performance can be enhanced by various meditation practices, particularly the four Metta based 'Positive Emotion' practices involving visualizing various people and wishing them well.

I run occasional meditation and practice workshops at ELCH on Wednesday evenings and have set up a weekend workshop for 10th and 11th June which I am adding to the Circus Edge calendar of events. You can find out more at my website:

Best Wishes


The Void - - Parent

Welcome to the juggling world, and The Edge, Jon.

Dorle -

Hi all!

We are currently organizing a juggling convention in Hamburg this year from 19.10.2023 til 22.20.2023.

I would love to see some British jugglers there :)


Mïark - - Parent

Hi Dorle!

Having been to the Hamburg Juggling Convention, I would heartily recommend it

link to event details:


(I think it ends on 22nd October not 22nd Octadecember) 🙂

Mark Tsai - - Parent

Thank you for sharing~

Mïark - - Parent

Hi Marvin,

Have you considered collating the hashtags used in a month on the forum and showing them in your monthly roundup?

#idea #hashtag

I appreciate it might be a little self-referential with GreenEggsReport hashtag included

Mark Tsai -

2023 “Diabolo on Video” Competition
Free of charge~No registration fee required~

Date: 15/April/2023~15/May/2023 (before 5 pm)
Award: Trophies will be mailed overseas (No postage required) to the Top 3 winners who are unavailable to attend the award ceremony.

Please refer to the following website for further details:

This is a competition thread which ran from 2023-04-28 to 2023-05-19. View results.

Marvin - - Parent

This competition has now ended. No one voted.

I know that feeling.

Mark Tsai -

G'day, I'm a diabolo fan residing in Australia and glad to join you guys here~

david - - Parent

Welcome to the Edge. I enjoyed your recent diabolo article

Mark Tsai - - Parent

Thank you for the compliment and nice words~

Mïark -

EJC 2023 is going to be in Lublin!

European Juggling Convention 2023

EJC 2023 IS ON!
We are going to… LUBLIN!
We are extremely happy to inform you that European Juggling Convention will be coming for the third time to the beautiful city of Lublin (Poland). The dates stay as planned: 29.07-06.08, and the pre-reg is starting very soon!
After a very intense period of work, Fundacja Sztukmistrze (the same team behind EJC 2012 and 2017) have secured the same venue as the previous conventions within a beautiful park, with large halls (combined 11 000 square meters!) and an awesome gala venue.
What is more - the EJC has official backing from the City of Lublin!
The Polish team will be now working with the Irish team to join forces and give you the best EJC possible. And it is looking good!
And remember - WE ALL ARE THE EJC! WE ALL HAVE TO COME TO LUBLIN THIS YEAR! So start searching for trains and flights (there is an airport in Lublin!) and put money aside for the convention week ticket which will become available to get very soon! And super important: make other people know! Share! Advertise! Support the EJC! We need you more than ever! MAKE IT HAPPEN WITH US!
Do zobaczenia w Lublinie!
(See you all in Lublin!)


Mïark - - Parent

EJC 2023 tickets are now available

It is happening... PRE-REG is OPEN NOW ❗❗❗
💥 Get your ticket here: 💥
This year, all tickets are available from the start of registration, and the phases will close one by one over time. The first phase is super short, it will close on May 10th, so don’t miss out if you want to get the cheapest ticket! 🕥
This year, maybe even more than ever, we count on your support - buy your ticket as soon as you can and spread the news about the EJC 2023 as far as you can!
This year's EJC is in a unique situation because three months before the event, it was moved from Ireland to Poland. Despite this enormous challenge, we want to make the festival the best we can, while being financially secure. To help us do that you can become an official EJC 2023 SUPER HERO(-INE):
🦸‍♀ buy a special EJC superhero(-ine) ticket or choose a ticket from one of the later phases. And if you can do that a BIG thank you in advance for being AWESOME! 🦸
See you in Lublin!
PS. The website is also up! Check it out:


trebuchet -

Jugglequip Infinities

After a break lasting several years, I'm slowly picking up juggling again. I'll be buying a new set of beanbags and have been wondering if anyone here owns Jugglequip Infinities and could share some feedback.

My sessions mostly consisted of 4 and 5 ball siteswaps, and I could do ~100 catches of 7 ball cascade more or less consistently. I don't expect to go beyond 7 balls, with the focus on 5 (maybe 6) ball siteswaps.

I owned a set of Gballz (66.675mm, 115g) and they were phenomenal, but the leather fell apart after 1-2 years of use. I've only now read they are not supposed to be used outside, which is where I juggle most of the time.
At some point I purchased a set of Juggle Dream Mini Uglies (50mm, 70g) but was never satisfied with them. I wanted to try something lighter for drilling 7 balls but they never felt consistent, with noticeably different shapes even when new.

Anyway, I want to try out Infinities but am not sure about the fill percentage (I'm assuming 90-95%), or size for that matter (64/67mm). I would like for them to feel similar to Gballz and keep them between 100-115 grams.

Any comments from anyone with hands on experience with them (or with the impact of ~100g vs ~115g) or any other relevant information would be greatly appreciated :)

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