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Anthony Trahair -

Hi everyone,

missed hanging out with my juggling buddies!

Here's some news of the end of summer in person training this year in Italy.

The focus will be on training teachers with our engaging and fun Pearls of Juggling method.
This is great for new trainers and as a continuous training for existing teachers.

It is an immersive training and you're not find anything quite like this anywhere. It's held in nature and we dive really deep into this work.

Taking YOU and YOUR students to the next level.
The intention is to "Make learning juggling fun and life transforming".

14-24th of Sept.
Pop that into your diary and come along!
Please write to me and let's have a chat.

The training will be split into three parts. The first two from 14-24 September.

Part 1 is dedicated to Mindset - body and breath work - focused training, juggling and movement, playfulness and engagement, learning to learn. How to create a friendly and fun sharing environment. Juggling as a tool for personal growth. We connect to our juggling like never before.

In Part 2 we go deeper into the creative process. We will explore how to create and hold a safe and brave space for this. Creating through improvisation and with the help of others improvisation and creativity, sequences and mini routines.
Everyone will come out with a new routine!

Please share widely!
See you, Anthony

Uhtoom -

Hello from Sweden!
I'm new to juggling doing the 3ball cascade - practicing the overthrows going for jugglers tennis at the moment.

Looking forward to learning more 3b with no clear goal other than enjoying myself and learn all the 3b i can! Just got some lesser filled bags to try and incorporate feet and other body parts.

7b_wizard - - Parent

hi :-)

The Void - - Parent

Hi, and welcome.
If you're enjoying yourself, you're doing it right!

Tufty - - Parent

Cool. Keep enjoying yourself.

Maria - - Parent

Hello and welcome to juggling and to the Edge!

I am in Sweden, too. (I juggle in Stockholm.)

Mïark -

After a close vote at the online EJA General Assembly, Caen (in North France) was voted to be the location for the 45th European Juggling Convention (EJC) in 2023.

You can see their bid proposal video on Youtube

Dasha -

Hello to all jugglers from the Czech Republic, we are happy to announce that the 20th edition of our International juggling and theatre workshop ALEJE will take place 21.-27.8.2021 in Spalene Porici castle near Pilsen, CZ. This year the masterclass will be given by CHRIS PATFIELD.
For more info and online registration please follow our web:
The workshop is max for 40 people and takes place under the valid covid regulations (PCR test not older than 72 hours our completed vaccination).
We are looking forward to meeting you! Dasha and Adela from KUFR Theatre 🤹🤸‍♀️❤️

Mike Moore -

The virtual IJA festival started today!

The schedule's here:

With a bunch of workshops, a show every day, and panels.

Jochen Setzer -

Hello there, thanks for letting me join this forum. I am a beginner juggler living in the Blue Mountains in Australia. So far I can only do the three ball cascade but I am working on some four ball juggling tricks right now. Cheers, Jochen

The Void - - Parent

Welcome aboard, Jochen. Straight to 4-ball tricks, though? 3-ball tricks can be a lot of fun. Well, anyhow, enjoy the ride!

7b_wizard - - Parent

hi & welcome

Tufty - - Parent

Hey Jochen

if you're already working on 4 ball tricks, you're not that much of a beginner. We're all still learning, after all, regardless of how long we've been throwing things up and letting them drop. What tricks are you working on?


Jochen Setzer - - Parent

Thanks Simon, I am working on the asynchronous and synchronous 4 ball fountain. A few weeks in I am seeing lots of progress but I am not quite there yet. Good point about learning more three ball tricks. I think that's what I will work on next. Just out of interest: Do you have a daily routine around your juggling practise?

Orinoco -

Lovely showcase of Masahiro Takahashi's talents.

Film & juggling style very reminiscent of the Toby Walker DVD from back in the day.

Topper - - Parent

Thanks for posting that. I really enjoyed it.
One for next years BJC.

Vincent Groenhuis -

Hi! I'm Vincent, a member of CatchUp, a juggling association in Enschede, The Netherlands.
CatchUp is organizing the HJW, which will take place from August 6-8, 2021. Chances are quite high that the event will actually take place! Volleyclub and Fight Night tournaments will also be held. Prereg will be open July 1st, full weekend price is €50.
Website: . Please spread the word among your friends, thanks!

Vincent Groenhuis - - Parent

Oh, and I mostly do club passing. Started loooong time ago.

5balls - - Parent

Hi Vincent,

I'm Florian, I believe we have met at the last passout convention (did you have a full beard at that time?).
Will there be a registration form on the webpage when registration is open?
Or how does one register?

Thanks, I'm looking forward to this convention :)


5balls - - Parent

Nevermind, found the link :)

7b_wizard -

What's the worst conditions you ever had to or did juggle in?
[ rather 'seriously', kind'a sheduled stint, I mean not just for joy in the mud for a couple yer minutes or not just a couple 'e y'attempts in a thunderstorm jus' for a good laugh ]

The Void - - Parent

Not sure about "worst", but most annoying was when I was booked to entertain as a juggler, and on arrival at the venue, finding I could very nearly touch the ceiling with my outstretched arm. 3 balls ahoy!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Haha, okay!

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Hmm, I recall working as a fire juggler many years ago in somewhere cold, wet, and northern such as Huddersfield or Rochdale. It was also bastard cold, sleeting/snowing, and blowing a gale. I used custom torches at that time - heavy build, shortish in length, and enormous wicks. Those bastards were heavy AF and hard on your hands but in general they didn't get blown around by the wind at all, they were much more stable than even Renegade clubs.

But not that day, oh no, if there was a bit of a gust at the moment when I threw a single spin it would move sideways a metre before coming back level with my hands ... which sadly by that time were already a metre away and receding fast.

7b_wizard - - Parent

oh yeah, sounds very horrible ;o}

Orinoco - - Parent

I once performed in a circus scene for an outdoor opera. On one night it rained so hard it drowned out the sound of the singers. We did point out that we couldn't perform in the conditions but nobody cared. Part of our set was a devilstick routine & we were using old style devilsticks (this was before the hyper-grippy Lunastix style props) they might as well have been made from soap. After about 20 drops & not succeeding in keeping the prop afloat for more than 3 seconds I decided that learning to cope with the conditions in front of the audience was not a great idea & just juggled them instead, but the rain was so hard it hurt to keep your eyes open so I barely did more than a cascade. The acrobats slipped & fell flat. Afterwards it was a strip & wring out your underpants affair.

It was hilarious. Not sure the punters thought so.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Oh, my goodness! Impossible, ugly and mean as conditions.

Monte - - Parent


7b_wizard - - Parent


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