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BasB -

Hello everyone!

I am a 32yo male from the Netherlands, currently residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I learnt a 3b cascade and a few tricks in school, but really discovered juggling as a hobby in 2018 in Sudan. Since then, Ive learnt siteswap and a bunch of new patterns.

Im currently working on the following goals:
working on inverted, box-type, (2x,2x) types of patterns. On my to do list for the upcoming period: broken box, burst box, switched box, threaded box. Oh and of course 60 for the fountain.
- solidifying (6x,2x)(2x,6x), 633, 71, 651, 64514, 61661
- learning 645
- aaarrggh the fountain is progressing slowly
- not a focus at the moment, but maintaining current level with the goal of working on it after 6b solidifies.

In Bangladesh the air pollution gets really bad in the winter, which locks me indoors where I can only do patterns with up to 6x throws. Outdoors I work mainly on numbers, but Ill have to find a better spot once lockdown measures due to corona shut down a bit.

Since Ive only juggled somewhat seriously in Sudan and Bangladesh, I have very little experience with other jugglers. I managed to find a few poi spinners here who Im trying to teach a few juggling patterns, but there don’t seem to be dedicated juggling places here.

Anyways, long story short; looking forward to logging some patterns here and being part of the virtual community. And hopefully Ill be able to meet some of you sometime on a convention!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome, BasB, good read!

Daniel Simu - - Parent


Cameron Cattrall -

Hello all! I've been on here a while but never got round to doing my first post! I've only been juggling for a little over a year now, but love the community and the sheer amount of fun that can be had juggling! I'm spending a lot of time at the moment exploring different prop combinations (current favourite is 2 balls and a contact staff) and was wondering if anyne knew of any good videos on multiprop juggling ideas or cool and unique combos of props? (Stuff like the Wes Peden devilstick video, Luke Burrages multiprop squeeze catches, etc!)

Thanks a bunch!

John Shearing - - Parent

Welcome Cameron!

Have you checked out for some ideas, the YouTube of juggling videos?


7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi Cameron!

,, and there for example jani suihkonen's original inventive explorations on a good deal also selfmade or unusual props, but also combos
Guess, you know "saturns"?

Cameron Cattrall - - Parent

Yeah I've been playing around with Saturns for a bit! And yeah I really like Jani's stuff, he was one of the reasons I started exploring combinations in the first place :)

7b_wizard - - Parent

°Aaah° .. that's how circles close :o)

Search returns him on facebook ( now? formerly too? dunno ).

Mike Moore - - Parent

The winner of the IRC 2019 at EJC did bounce juggling + contact staff. If you haven't seen his stuff, it's definitely worth watching!

(I can try and be more useful with finding a video if it turns out to be difficult to find. But off to bed now)

JonPeat - - Parent

Sebastian Berger:

Welcome Cameron!

koahfong -

Hi All, my first post here. Thank you Orinoco for the invite.
I am from Singapore and have been enjoying juggling since the 1980s.
Hope to catch up on what's happening in the juggling world. Cheers!

Tufty - - Parent


The Void - - Parent

Hey, welcome aboard!

7b_wizard - - Parent

How d'you do, koahfong.

Orinoco - - Parent

Welcome Koah Fong. Are you still involved with the Singapore jugglers? I remember you from the late 90s/early 00s, back in the days of personal homepages when the web was exciting & new!

Yuri - - Parent

Hey, how is going on Singapur now about juggling? Nice welcome.

mike.armstrong -

I'm going to bin my BJC and EJC pass collection - I still haven't found a nice way to display it, so it's just clutter for me!
Before they go, is anyone missing any from their collection that they'd like? I've got most BJCs going back to 1996 (with some or all of the volunteer badges) and a mixed bag of EJC ones

John R - - Parent

There’s no photo of the 2018 Canterbury pass on the wiki yet, so maybe take a snapshot of that one first? A few other pass images are also missing, but all the others I spotted seem to be festival wristbands, not crafted objects.,_Canterbury,_2018

Cid -

Introduction :)

Hi, I'm Cid
a French Human who juggled a bit when in my teenage years (devil stick mainly). I remembered these times fondly as it felt extremely rewarding through the constant progress.

I m not a teenager anymore, and the devil stick isn t really a thing for me anymore, I ve started to juggle balls at the beginning of October, to chase that particular feeling again and the joy it brought me.
I practice everyday, no matter what, sometimes just 5 minutes.

Happy to be part of this website / community :)

7b_wizard - - Parent

hey ho & welcome, Cid! .. that's a nice story with that feeling an' all, and choosing against devilsticking. I wonder what all else might be comparable on that behalf .. multiple boomerangs, .. clubs juggling (also have handles), .. twirling .. (?)

Tufty - - Parent

Salut et bienvenu, etre humain francais.

S'entrainer tous les jours est un tres bon facon d'avancer vite, mais on peut vite se trouver bloqué aussi; si possible, trouver des clubs de jonglage dans ta region* et s'echanger avec des autres aussi de temps en temps.

3 balles, c'est genial. Jonglage en etat pur.

* apres que cette histore de covid est passé, bien sur - pour l'instant c'est chaud a organiser les cours ou ateliers.

The Void - - Parent

Welcome, Cid,
Today I'm going to do my first bit of juggling this year. The fun is always there for anyone who returns to it!
Bring back dot sigs

Orinoco -

I'd not heard of Val Jauregui before but I enjoyed this video showcasing her angled bounce plates that add a new dimension to her antipodism.

Tufty - - Parent

I like that, very nice.

The Void - - Parent

Nice video, and skills. Cheers for posting.

The Void -

Westminster council are picking on Covent Garden buskers again, as they do every few years.

(Gets to the point at 7m35)
There's a petition at

Orinoco - - Parent

Well worth watching the video.

Signed the petition, I don't think many more needed to get over 5000, although I'm unsure because if you load the page the signature counter ticks up. Reload the page & it starts again at the same number?

Tufty -

New trick for this lunchtime.

Not quite sure how to express this in valid siteswap, but it's three throws of 5 followed a synchronous 4 ball throw. It's kinda 555[4,4] although that's not valid. The timings are a bit wierd, the 5 throws need closer to a 7 ball rhythm.

I can get 2 or 3 rotations of it so far.

The Void - - Parent

5 balls? With a base pattern of cascade?

Tufty - - Parent

yeah, 5 balls, a fast flash of 3 balls then a pair of synchronous 4 balls.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

Looks like Cindy Marvell did a similar trick just 1,628 weeks ago here: (that's 1:30:21 timestamp) - though she did it with 4x,4x.

Tufty - - Parent

That's it. Well, it was new to me :)

david - - Parent

That was my first time attending a convention/festival and Cindy went on to be first in the individual championships that year.

IANAsiteswap expert but could it be described as 555[4,4]2 or [4x,4x,]2 ?

Adrian G - - Parent

I'd probably describe it 555(5x,5x)* (the * is needed so it repeats on the other side, and the sync beat hides a beat afterwards which is why I don't have a 2)

Here it is with juggling lab (though the timing is a bit different and had to adjust dwell ratio to make things work, that could be fixed in the siteswap instead but it'd end up more complex):,5x)*;dwell=0.8

Tufty - - Parent

Yay, that's it.

7b_wizard - - Parent

That's an interesting small little flourish movement, that alternatingly the early one of the synch hands does for 1/2 a beat of delay.

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