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Orinoco -

For those that don't want to tell thieves when they will be out of the house you can now list yourself as attending an event without revealing your name publicly until after the event has ended.

Thanks to Void for the tip!


Mïark -

The European Juggling Convention (EJC) is going online this year! The Virtual European Juggling Convention - VEJC is a collaboration between the EJC 2021 Hanko team and the EJA and will run from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th July 2021.
The event will be free of charge and there will be the Hanko Gala, and the EJA General Assembly (where jugglers can vote on where EJC 2023 will be).
There will also be workshops and other fun events - but they need your help! If you want to run a workshop or an event please contact


See listing on Juggling Edge event page

Orinoco -

BJC 2022 Tickets are really, genuinely & indeed actually now on sale:

Festival is in Ramsgate from Tuesday, 2022-04-12 to Sunday, 2022-04-17. For more details see:


AnnaBod - - Parent

Yes, yes they are! :-D

Thanks for the hard work Orinoco.

Orinoco - - Parent

Only 22 full week adult tickets remaining in this phase. Price goes up to £110 after they're gone.

mike.armstrong -

It should have been Circus Stad (Rotterdam Circus Festival) this week, but they've moved a few things online given one thing and another.
But is fun

mike.armstrong - - Parent

Sorry, link should be

Mïark - - Parent

Something amiss with the description of the link to Henrys website?

Orinoco - - Parent

Yes, when Marvin visited their hosting had lapsed apparently, & redirected to that page from their host. Things seem to be back now & I've corrected the link.

Hee Larry Us -

Hi All!
Thanks Orinoco for adding me and for creating and maintaining this place
Don Higgins
ex Higgins Bros
gonna get lit at a juggling fest in 2022 tho!
*I don't get siteswap cause my attn span is only 5 seconds
*I exclusively juggle when stoned
*passing clubs is cool
*kendama is not cool

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & Welcome Hee! lol.

Connor J -

Hi everyone, new member here based in greater Chicagoland.

3-5 balls/clubs are my favorite to practice. Not a big siteswap or 360s guy, but I certainly can appreciate them.

Thanks for the add!


The Void - - Parent

Welcome aboard, Connor!

Connor J - - Parent

Thank you kindly!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome Connor J!
.. have you done or can you do 5b reverse for example, .. anything other than cascade?

Connor J - - Parent

Hello there, and thank you. Yes, I can run a reverse cascade with 5, along with half shower, shower, overheads, and Gattoplexes.

7b_wizard - - Parent

ah, nice, and coool :o)

Maria - - Parent

Welcome to the Edge!

Some day I will learn to juggle 5, too...
I juggle clubs most of the time, so that might be one of the reasons I haven't learned 5 yet. Other reasons would be that it is easier to learn new tricks with 3 or 4, and that passing always has higher priority than solo juggling.

Connor J - - Parent

Thank you kindly, Maria.

Mike Moore -

Overview European Juggling Props Manufacturers/Brands

This was posted on the juggling subreddit and I thought I'd ask the most European juggling forum I know if they had anything to add.

If you'd rather post here, I don't mind carrying your suggestions over.

Tufty - - Parent

No love for Henrys?

There's also Unicycle, in France,

Orinoco - - Parent

Henry's is top of the list!

Tufty - - Parent

Bugger me, right next to my reading glasses!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Thanks for the Unicycle suggestion! And I'm sure Henry's appreciates your love.

Little Paul - - Parent

I’m so glad PassePasse is not on the list, if it were me I’d keep it that way...

However, spotlight in Amsterdam should absolutely be on the list as should firetoys

Mike Moore - - Parent

Double thanks!

7b_wizard - - Parent

I'm not sure if there isn't one from the diabolist (with "diabolo" in its name)?

I'm also not sure if it helps, to drop this search for artistry gear here as many shops get their goods from a samr producer? Maybe flying over the results makes someone recall who knows better than me..

The Void -

There will be a Virtual Edition of Bungay Balls Up this May.

All details on
See you there!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Yahoo! I'll look forward to my first BBU!

The Void - - Parent

Starts next Friday. If anyone wants to schedule an event of any sort in the week(+), then go for it.

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