http://zedoor.de/Parkplatz/mepJE.jpg .. what "bunch 'a hippies" ?? :-O .. I HAVE A TIE !!

see also, or feel free to contact me in that thread or leave a topic-link there, my "signin-hi": http://jugglingedge.com/smalltalk.php?ThreadID=2012

some comparedly designative choice from my repertoire :
3b  - 52413 - 4 thrown RO, so it looks like cascade throw, (furthermore a low 5 requiring very fast 1),
   and the pattern like breaks out alterningly outward to left and right
  - under the arm, then claw or penguin (+ throw 'as' penguin' / "over the hand"? ) or catch-throw with back
        of hand ..
   .. like 'em .. feel great like last_millisecond_"U-won't-get-its"_but_U_do .. jus' like do clawed slams ;o])
  - some contact stuff 423 with rolling back and forth the underarm to backhandside (armcurls?)
  - I invent lots myself ( no matter it already might exist ;o]=) .. ) .. but here's one, I never saw anyone else do before:
    - gorilla flips© - handle the balls with the inside of opened fist (fingers remain closed) sustained by
     the thumb - U flip skip 'em up with the back of the fingers O.o ( lookin' forward to see others do it :o) .. ).
4b  - 345 ( .. Not working on anything synchronous with 4b, neither 6b) Changed my mind
     today, 2015-05-20. A 6b fountain could turn out very helpful for 5b and 7b siteswaps (e.g. 5b-°7772615°
     or 7b-gattoplex, .. ). And the wimpy seems to suit me a lot for 8b, maybe 10b !?
    - 23456 [learned in fall 2015]
5b  - very very low & very very fast cascade like to fit into a briefcase / attaché case / DIN A3 area ..
    at like 9 - 11 throws per second [edit, june, 2016:] newer estimations get me to 8-9
      with 5b, but indeed upto ~9-10 with 3b [endedit] .. but for a few seconds only, improving.
  - many single throws (BC; several claws in a row; catch & throw with back of hand + claw next;
    one or other penguin; roll to and flick up from crook of elbow; .. ) and simple
    multiplexes ( 25[35]°; 7555505[35]; 355[75]505; °7772615°;
    splits, inside/outside; .. [2T34][56]-start)

looking forward to and working on :
5b  - RO - reachovers ( a column, clawed, and from there thrown back to pattern as column again) - best run:
        5 as single throws in a run.
  - crossing hands multiplex stuff .. mess-rr-like like what him does there: www[.]youtube.com/watch?v=XwH_Q_DTeUc
but way not as good.
7b  - splits (mus' have accomplished some 12 catches or so, but longer while ago and practising them
     occasionally only);   sometimes doing [345][567]722[22][22].
9b  - [update, fall 2017:] second flash, with normal size, Ø 6.2 cm, now too. [end update]
      flash, 7 catches ;o]) .. something goes there! .. should be possible to do > flash like 11c soon
    or late ( and be it by mere statistic chance ;o]) .. ) [update, june, '15:] meanwhile done flash
       twice once [mixed that up with recording more than once, 7 catches].

absolute focus on :
7b  - casc PR: 53c 64 c 76 c 83 c cl [fall 2017]

big problems with
5b  - rev casc (PR like <20 catches using whole range of reach & all the body :o) ) .. found a way to
    master this by aiming ONLY ONE virtual point much higher above the pattern, though. Improving.
          [edit, spring 2017:] meanwhile almost daily >100 catches. Improving. [endedit]

visions, actually out of reach (aside 'my' dominating 7b ground-state):
4b ( 5b !? ) - Dancey's Devilment. (want all 3b-rr-variations first).
Be a 5b_wizard, doing reachovers, claws, penguins, back of hand, racketing, siteswaps, multiplexes at will or even in auto-freestyle-mode.
Tricks with 7b.
Then earn my life as juggling-teacher, maybe busking(-teaching), maybe have a (mobile?) juggling school, maybe both.

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