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miércoles, 27 febrero 2008 to jueves, 28 febrero 2008


Tropical Island, Brand ( )



Hello Jugglers,

With this I invite all to the first tropical jonglierconvention in Berlin!

Where: Tropical Island (, a GIGANTIC hall/swimming pool/leisure area.

It's just off the A13 Berlin/Dresden motorway, approximately 35 km south of Berlin Schönefeld. Come off the motorway at the Staakow exit and follow the signs to Tropical Islands for a further three kilometres. Tropical Islands is located 60 km south of Berlin and 100 km north of Dresden. Getting there by train without a car is extremely easy.

When: Wednesday after the Dresden-convention, 27 February - Friday 29 February 2008, but you can choose to stay longer or shorter as you like.

What: juggle, volleyclub-field, saunas, water slides! , wlan-Internet, trampolines, sand beach, coffee-drink, show with magician; -), mini golf,...

Weather: It's 26 degrees everywhere including in the water and because it's indoors there's no wind also there's no total darkness so bring something to cover your eyes at night if you like.

How much: 25 Euro, NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU STAY (see homepage)! (Sauna/?/trampoline 7/3/3 Euro extra)

Where to sleep: You can rent a tent for 23.50 Euro or just lay your sleeping bag out somewhere for free.

What to eat: You can eat there or bring your own food (attention: leaving rubbish laying around will cause us problems. Please clean up your mess)!

Who to invite: EVERYONE! know, don't know, whatever.



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