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Tuesday, 2010-07-13 to Sunday, 2010-07-18




EUROPEAN convention in FINLAND is July 24th to August 1st! Why not stop by Norway?

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The convention will have a gym, a 142 seat auditorium for viewing videos, sleeping space in classrooms, foods for sale, inside and outside practice space, workshops, and more - yet probably no public show; this is more of a training and socializing camp than it is a convention with all the organised happenings that go with that.

Attendance fees in NOK:

Pre-registered member: 300,-
Pre-registered non-member: 400,-
Member paying on the door: 400,-
Non-member paying on the door: 500,-

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NOTICE: You do not need to pay in advance when registering in advance, but if you sign up, we count on you showing up.

To sign up: Send e-mail to

Want to become a member of the Norwegian juggling organisation? Send an e-mail to for more information.

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