ALEJE 2010 - 9 th International Juggling-Theatre Workshop

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Saturday, 2010-08-21 to Friday, 2010-08-27


Budisov near Trebic



We heartily invite all jugglers, artists and theatre performers to take part in the 9th year of the ALEJE workshop!

Argentinian juggler Emiliano Sanchez Alessi will be the instructor of this year. He will focus on juggling and manipulation with clubs as well as contact juggling focused on movement, space, form and rhythm. Emiliano's workshop is aimed at jugglers of all levels.

Workshop of movement theatre and creation of the performer's character will be offered by Adéla Kratochvílová (CZ). Dasha Trávníková (CZ) will offer a workshop of psychomotor games and other alternative activities.

Franz Bauer (Germany) will traditionally give a workshop of pantography (mime + photography).

Workshops of movement, relaxation or massages will be offered as well.

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ALEJE 2010 - 9 th International Juggling-Theatre Workshop elsewhere on the Edge

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