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Tuesday, 2010-07-20 to Sunday, 2010-09-26


FLIC Circus School - Reale Società Ginnastica - Via Magenta, 11 - Torino



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of FLIC - School for Professional Formation in Circus arts

Deadline registrations: 31st August 2010

The audition will take place on 13rd, 14th and 15th September 2010
at the school Flic - Reale Società Ginnastica - Via Magenta, 11 - Torino - Italia

FLIC, Scuola Professionale Formazione Arti Circensi, partner menber of FEDEC (the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools) announces admissions terms and conditions for 2010/2012 courses that will starts in october 2010. The aspirant students will find all the information and the forms for the registration in

FLIC Circus school was established in 2002 by the Reale Società Ginnastica di Torino, it is one of the most ancient gymnastic societies, born in 1844. The successful marriage between sports and educational tradition of the Royal Society of Turin and the circus artistic initiative makes this school a reference point in the circus artists preparation. FLIC Circus School, through its two year training course, creates professional artists whit good physical preparation, technique and art forms, and who possess a wealth of design skills, relationship and organizational measures to confront themselves to the international contemporary circus world.

This two year training course aims to give a solid training in contemporary circus fundamental subjects as: physical training, acrobatics, acting with circus object and contemporary dance in its many forms and expressions, as well as a good level in the circus specific disciplines of juggling, advanced acrobatics, equilibristics (free ladder, slack rope, tight wire, unicycle), chinese pole, aerial disciplines (silks, trapeze, cloud swing, aerial hoop, aerial belts), swinging trapeze, hand to hand, acrobalance, handstands, Cyr wheel. The first year of the training course provides a basic knowledge in each of the disciplines taught in the school and pays particular attention to the development of physical training and learning methodology. The second year is characterised by the specialisation of one or two circus disciplines, chosen by the student, continuation of research work on personal creation and the continuation of work on physical training, acrobatics, acting with circus object and contemporary dance. For both years there are provided hours of theoretical-practical lessons on fundamental circus aspects such as first aid, career counselling, nutrition, functional anatomy and circus training methods, circus history, stagecraft, technical and audio lighting, costume designing, clownerie and creative writing.
This course is designed to accompany the student in the creative "writing" of their artistic number, using the technical know-how acquired as vocabulary and the movement related to the object as a language, all according to the two main directions of the narrative or recitative and the dancing or choreographic. The preparation acquired during the two year training course for contemporary circus performer can develop educational growth at 360º and provides all the tools to learn circus skills in superior schools or for entry into the world of art and entertainment.

FLIC Circus School is located in central Turin, in a historic building of 2500 square meters and spread over 5 floors: Basement: Gym equipped for tight wire, hand to hand, acrobalance, male and female locker rooms with showers; Ground floor: Gym equipped for aerial, chinese pole, equilibristics, juggling, cyr wheel, weights lifting room, warehouse, technical workshop, reception, technical office, snack bar and cafeteria, dining room, meeting room; first floor: Classic dance hall, handstand gym, administration office, projects office; second floor: Gym equipped for trampoline and gymnastics, contemporary dance room, female locker room with showers, teaching office, library, video library, management office, internet point; third floor: Stretching and relaxing room, storage space, terrace.

The training course is divided into two years with practical and theoretical lessons, with

obligatory attendance, from Monday to Friday. The training is completed by periodical week long workshops with external professional tutors, teachers and artists.
Total course hours: 40-42 hours by week - 1.300 hours in total
Practical lessons: from 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Academic lessons: from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. - two lessons per month
Show and open stage [see down "Circo in Pillole"]: 1 per month It is also possible to use some gyms and halls for individual training every weekday from 4:45 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8,30 a.m. to 4,30 p.m.. The school is closed only in August.
Workshops A key part of this training course for contemporary circus artist is the specialization stages periodically carried out with teachers and artists from international art scene, this stages are organized to help the students in own grown and to create a good working environment that compare the different cultures and the different circus experiences. Some of the stage organized during the past years: Sylvan Cousine (juggling) - Ben Fury (break dance) - Arian Miluka (balancing) - Francois Juliot (acting with circus object) - Joao Paulo Pereira Dos Santos (chinese pole) - Roberto Olivan (power dance) - Anton lachky (contemporary dance) - Johnny Torres (hand to hand) - Pascal Angelier (handstands) - Elodie Donaque (aerial dance) - Alex Santin (creative juggling) - Isael Mata Cruz (contemporary dance) - Lara Patrizio (voice) - Stefan Sing (juggling) - Francesca Garrone (aerial disciplines) - Pascale Clerbeaux (swinging trapeze) - Cyrille Gerard (juggling) - Anna Ward (swinging trapeze) - Peter Jasko (contemporary choreography) - Florent Bergalle (acrobatic dance) - Ignasi Gil Baldero (chinese pole) - Slava (hand to hand) - Pascal Angelier (handstands) - Lin Mai (equilibristics) - Elody Donaque (aerial dance) - Joao Paolo Dos Santos (Chinese pole) - Sven Demey (cyr wheel) - Raymond Peyramaure (masks and clowning).

The selections will happen the days 13, 14 and 15 th of September 2010. To participate in the selections is necessary send the forms downloadable on the school website

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