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Saturday, 2010-07-31 to Thursday, 2010-09-09


FLIC Circus School - Reale Società Ginnastica - Via Magenta, 11 - TORINO




of FLIC - School for Professional Training in Circus arts

Deadline registrations: 10th September 2010
FLIC - Reale Società Ginnastica - Via Magenta, 11 - TORINO

FLIC Circus School in Turin for the first time lunches an Advanced Course for Contemporary Circus artists reserved to those students who have passed the Professional Biennial Course and the professionals of the sector that show to have the right abilities to participate in the course.

The parties must email curriculum vitae to the reception office of FLIC to segreteriaflic@realeginnastica.it within 10th September 2010. They will get in contact to fix an interview with the didactic direction of the School. The course will take place from October 2010 to June 2011.

It is an accustomed course because every student will program his/her own studies' plan together with the didactic direction of FLIC on the base of his/her own demands and aspirations. Every student will have the possibility to specialize in one or more disciplines, can advance in his/her own process of professional training counting on a consolidated and highly equipped structure, experienced teachers and having the possibility to compare him/herself with a lot of other professionals. With the suggestion of the didactic direction the student can choose the amount of hours for individual and group intensive trainings, for the theoretical formation and can also take into account the possibility to activate an exchange with other European training center.
An important part of the training activities is constituted by specialized stages (18/20 every year) with high level international artists. This contributes to create an alive and stimulating environment for artistic growth and encourage cultures and experiences to shared. Every student of the Advanced Course can choose what of these stages would like to follow.

Furthermore the students of the Advanced Course will have the possibility to play in front of a true public once a month thanks to a series of events (shows) that the direction of the School is defining. This events will more parallel to the existing platform "Circo in Pillole - prove d'artista" that foresees a show per month to allow the students of the Biennial Course to develop and train the relationship with the public and the stage.

The total amount of training hours, the schedule and the cost of the Advanced Course will depend on the individual plan of study that every student will define together with the didactic direction of the FLIC.

FLIC Circus school was established in 2002 by the Reale Società Ginnastica di Torino, it is one of the most ancient gymnastic societies, born in 1844. The successful marriage between sports and educational tradition of the Royal Society of Turin and the circus artistic initiative makes this school a reference point in the circus artists preparation. FLIC Circus School is partner member of FEDEC (the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools), is located in central Turin, in a historic building of 2500 square meters and spread over 5 floors: Basement: Gym equipped for tight wire, hand to hand, acrobalance, male and female locker rooms with showers; Ground floor: Gym equipped for aerial, chinese pole, equilibristics, juggling, cyr wheel, weights lifting room, warehouse, technical workshop, reception, technical office, snack bar and cafeteria, dining room, meeting room; first floor: Classic dance hall, handstand gym, administration office, projects office; second floor: Gym equipped for trampoline and gymnastics, contemporary dance room, female locker room with showers, teaching office, library, video library, management office, internet point; third floor: Stretching and relaxing room, storage space, terrace.

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