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viernes, 23 septiembre 2011 to lunes, 26 septiembre 2011


Collingwood College, Melbourne


This is Melbourne Juggling Conventions event.


Melbourne Juggling Convention is in its 5th year & has become the largest event of its kind in Australia. Continually growing and evolving, MJC has attracted around a thousand participants from all over the world, engrossing each in various activities including performances, workshops, forums and games, all based on the skill of object manipulation.

MJC invites people of all ages, backgrounds & abilities to join us under one roof to interact with like-minded people so they can teach, be taught, devise, inspire, connect, perform... and have a whole lot of fun!!

If you're not excited yet, it's time!!!

Highlights of 2011:

The 2011 MJC revolves around International Inspiration: bringing in fresh talent to inspire participants in their art form. We are excited to announce that this year we are showcasing modern, innovative and contemporary styles directly out of Sweden. Our headline guest this year, Patrik Elmnert, is passionate about juggling in a way that pushes boundaries. His current research includes extended clubrolls, waterballs and acrobatic juggling. Patrik started performing at the age of 10 and has since played shows for audiences all over the world. His drive to take audiences to new realms never seen before keeps him on a constant search for the new and unexpected.

International guests: Patrik Elmnert (SWE) and Kit Summers (USA).

Performances include 2 Public Shows and 2 Renegade Shows.

Up to 70 hours of workshops over 4 days

Juggling Games

On-site catering

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