Portuguese Juggling Festival

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Juggling events in Portugal‎, 1996


Wednesday, 1996-09-25 to Sunday, 1996-09-29


Oeiras (near Lisbon)




Organised by the Portuguese Association of New Circus Loucomotivo. Free camping, sunshine and lunar eclipse. Enough live music to fill a very large live music container, ditto alcohol, workshops to make your eyes pop, i.e. Capoeira, Samba and ?? magic!, renegade, open and public shows.

The site is about 15km from Lisbon.

Confirmed artists for the Gala Shows:

Boni & Caroli (Spain)
Desastrosos Circus (Spain)
Topper Martin (Sweden)
Loco Brusca (Argentina)
Caspar (England)
Valentin Tovartchi (Russia)

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