28e Nederlandse Acrobatiekfestival 2014 (28th Dutch Acrobatics Festival)

(28th Dutch Acrobatics Festival to its friends)

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viernes, 6 junio 2014 to lunes, 9 junio 2014


Sportpark Berestein, Kininelaantje 12, 1216 BZ Hilversum




At Pentecost 2014 we will have the next Dutch Acrobatics Festival. This year we have found a warm welcome in the centre of The Netherlands in the town of Hilversum.

There will be:
- 10 rounds of workshops at all levels;
- two excellent evening shows;
- all the good teachers are coming;
- camping on short grass (at the soccer field), therefore no pollen and not so humid :-)
- great vegetarian food;

facebook: www.facebook.com/events/544275032307905

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