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viernes, 8 julio 2011 to lunes, 11 julio 2011


Collingwood College, Cromwell St, Collingwood


A special event for jugglers with a passion for passing. Held for 4 days in Melbourne, Passing Fancy 2011 is an exciting opportunity for jugglers to share their knowledge of passing and learn new patterns. The convention will host a variety of passing workshops covering everything from fancy 7 club patterns to take-outs, walkarounds and group moving patterns. There will be lots of time to just jam and have fun too. The event is for jugglers who can already pass clubs comfortably. Keep in mind there won’t be any solo juggling or learn-to-pass workshops. Pre-Requisites: 2 person 6 club 3 count & 7 club 2 count.

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