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第十屆 體健盃國際嘉年華 暨 第二屆亞洲盃扯鈴錦標賽 (10th PEH International Festival and 2nd Asia Diabolo Cup)

(第十屆 體健盃國際嘉年華 暨 第二屆亞洲盃扯鈴錦標賽 to its friends)

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Juggling events in Taiwan (台灣)‎, 2015


Saturday, 2015-05-23 to Sunday, 2015-05-24





Artists from all over the world are invited to apply for the PEH festival 2015. Participants must be 9 and over. Teams are also invited. The artists must register with the official application document and must submit a full video of your act on a Youtube link without a required password (no editing allowed). The deadline is 10th of April 2015.

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第十屆 體健盃國際嘉年華 暨 第二屆亞洲盃扯鈴錦標賽 elsewhere on the Edge

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