Katapult PreJC2017 warm up

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Monday, 2017-07-17 to Friday, 2017-07-21


Katapult 109 Beilsteinerstraße, 12681 Berlin, Germany



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Fight Night Combat Tournament


The EJC is soon upon us, and we know that people often want to start the party early...

So for the 5 days before the EJC starts in Lublin, we will be opening the doors at Katapult for training, jamming, partying and other assorted funtimes.

For now, we will leave it open as to exactly what happens, but you can rest assured that something will be going on every day. If the atmosphere seems right, maybe we make a scratch show, or organise some little last minute workshops - if you have a proposal for us, let us know!

Times: 13.00 - 22.00 Monday, 12.00 Tuesday-Thursday. Friday we all leave for the EJC, so we will have to see what happens!
Contribution: 3 euro /day

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