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viernes, 13 abril 2018 to lunes, 16 abril 2018


Newcastle under Lyme



An old school circus convention for the new generation. Four days of workshops, play, collective training and exchanges for emerging and established practitioners alike, this is a convention dedicated to circus performers lead by inspiring artists and speakers,

An opportunity for people to encounter each other artistically and socially, the State of Play brings together like-minded folk to laugh, learn, perform and play over a weekend of inspiration and creativity. In the spirit of Circus250, we look at the earlier genres of circus performance to explore the roots and foundations of the form with specialist practitioners before we invite makers from various horizons for encounters with "different directors".

Programme highlights:
Workshops with Desperate Men (DaDa), SpyMonkey (clown), Mick Barnfather (comedia), David Murray (music), The Gandinis (Juggling), Silvia Fratelli (Mimbre) Firenza Guidi (Elan Frantoio), NoFit State rigging workshop and surgeries, circus talks and films screenings. And of course, the traditional open training, skills sharing sessions and renegade night!

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