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Saturday, 2018-06-16


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On the 16th June, thousands of people around the world will unite with one common passion: Juggling!

Wherever you are in the world, the IJA invites you to celebrate World Juggling Day 2018! Invite your friends to join, so they can celebrate too.

Whether you're celebrating with 500 other jugglers, or juggling alone in your backyard - all that matters is that you're juggling!

Here are some celebration ideas:
- Attend or host a juggling festival
- Have a juggling BBQ in the park
- Teach a local juggling class
- Learn that new trick that you've been wanting to learn for days
- Have a fire jam
- Research the history of juggling
- Go to a party with non-jugglers...and juggle...the whole time
- Host a film night featuring your favorite juggling videos
- Read every article ever written by David Cain on eJuggle
- Play J-U-G-G-L-E on Facebook or Instagram
- Create a unique WJD sequence with a friend
- And so much more!

Invite your juggling friends from around the world - and let's make the 2018 WJD awesome!

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