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Friday, 2018-08-17 to Sunday, 2018-08-19


University of Cambridge Sports Centre, Philippa Fawcett Drive, Cambridge, CB3 0AS



Cambridge Acro Festival is now SOLD OUT!

3 full days of workshops, catering for all levels of standing and L based acro. The space is MASSIVE, meaning we can have loads of workshops as well as plenty of jam space :-)


Confirmed so far, we have the fantastic
- Jim Klinkhamer: the basics, lifting and carrying, L basing & standing
- Scott Jumps and Michaela Kurkiewicz: standing acrobatics, especially hand to hand
- Acro Bart (aka Bart Venne): standing acrobatics, icarian, banquine, h2h - the whole lot really!
- Tom Mörtl and Ayla Moes: standing acrobatics, especially hand to hand & dynamic tricks
- Forma fortis, aka Alexander Lenz and Ma Marion: standing acrobatics
- Erica Montes and Kiran: acro yoga washing machines, pops and whips
- Jaqui Wan: acro yoga and therapeutics
- Neilon Pitamber: acro yoga
- Verena Pietzner and Dion Skovgaard Jensen: standing acrobatics
- Aleš Hren and Tanja Urankar: L basing and washing machines
- Janni Scott-Walton: handstands and morning yoga
- Kit Eckersley: flips and tumbling
- Helena Astridge: handstands
We’ll announce more teachers on facebook page as we confirm them :-)

TIMETABLE (approximate):
Friday: 11am - 10pm
Saturday: 9am - 10pm
Sunday: 9am - 7pm

For those who think 3 days is a bit too short, we will also have a 'pre-con' with a workshop on the Wednesday evening with Tom and Ayla, and an open jam in the park on Thursday :-)

For the 3 day festival, 17-19 August:
Early bird (until 31st May): £75
Lazy bird: £90

For the 3 day festival + pre-con:
Early bird (until 31st May): £100
Lazy bird: £120

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