14. J-Fest Türkiye Jonglörlük Festivali (Turkish Juggling Fest)

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Monday, 2019-09-23 to Sunday, 2019-09-29


Sundance Nature Village, Antalya, 07980, Turkey





This is J-Fest event.

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Fight Night Combat Tournament


Yıllarca konuşup, tasarlayıp, hayal ettikten sonra, en sonunda 2006'da, oyuncaklarımızı toparlayıp Türkiye'nin ilk Jonglörlük Festivali'nde buluştuk.

Hayallerimiz sizinle gerçek oldu, heyecanımız her yıl daha da çok büyüdü; şimdi ise hep birlikte Türkiye Jonglörlük Festivali'nin onikincisini gerçekleştirmekteyiz.


After years of discussion, planning and dreaming we finally gathered our toys and came together at Turkey’s first juggling convention in 2006.

Our dreams came true with you. Our enthusiasm grew bigger and bigger each year, and now we are carrying out the 14th Turkish Juggling Convention together.

We are hoping to bring your screams of laughter together in yet another festival dream.

You will find much of the festival information you need from this website. You can also refer to our Facebook page for updated information on J-Fest 2019.

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