Japan Juggling Festival 2004

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Juggling events in JapĆ³n‎, 2004

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Saturday, 2004-06-19 to Sunday, 2004-06-20


Oasis21 Ginga-no-hiroba, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken



This is Japan Juggling Association event.


There will be a free public show, a contest, open stages and
a lot of workshops and games.

This year, the festival will be held in a large open space with ceiling
at the center of Nagoya city.

The theme of JJF2004 is "Open! Juggling!" and we expect a lot of onlookers.

Festival Price(pre-registration recommended) :
Non-members : 6,000 yen (adult) and 4,000 yen (18 and younger)
Members : 2,000 yen
(JJF2004 is held by Japan Juggling Association)

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