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Thursday, 2001-08-16 to Saturday, 2001-08-18


Shidanmi Sports Land, Nagoya



This is Japan Juggling Association event.


Japan Juggling Festival is the only juggling festival in Japan. This festival focuses not only on the juggling aspects of art, but also on the aspects of sports and recreation. From professionals to amateurs or complete beginners, all gather in one place to play games, practice, and share information. It is a big event organised once a year by the Japan Juggling Association. Participants can forget everything except juggling for a full three days, applaud the wonderful tricks, sometimes be surprised, sometimes serious, and immerse themselves in juggling as if they were children again. The number of participants, which was about 30 people two years ago, rose to nearly 100 last year, and more participants are expected this year. This is also an indication of the popularity of this festival and the growing fever of Japanese juggling.

This year, it will be held in the centre of Japan, the historic castle town, Nagoya. This year is more interesting than last year. We have more events waiting for you to come. I'm looking forward to seeing who will come and what kind of unique skills will come out. I hope that as many people as possible will become addicted to juggling through this festival.

Special guests: Brian Patz

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