Manchester Aerial and Acrobatics Convention 2020

(MAAC 2020 to its friends)

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viernes, 8 mayo 2020 to domingo, 10 mayo 2020


Salford, Manchester



We admit defeat - we're cancelling MAAC ?

With the likelihood of lockdown being extended to the end of April, it's highly unlikely that an event as big as MAAC will be allowed to go ahead in early May.

We were hoping to be able to postpone it to July but things are so uncertain that we're not even sure it would go ahead then either and we don't want to mess you about twice.

We were going to run MAACtober on 16/17/18 October so what we'll do is move the May event to then and try and keep the same teachers and schedule. MAACtober is normally shorter with fewer classes but we'll keep it the same size as May.


Bringing together the best teachers from around the UK in aerial and floor acrobatics. Learn a new discipline, master an existing one. We bring together a wide range of classes in silks, aerial hoop, trapeze, rope, straps, pole, hula, handstands, acrobatics, partner acrobatics and more. Classes range from beginner to advanced so there's something for everyone.

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