ジャパン ジャグリング フェスティバル 2020 (Japan Juggling Festival 2020)

(JJF 2020 to its friends)

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sábado, 19 septiembre 2020 to lunes, 21 septiembre 2020


Fukui Prefectural Industrial Hall, Fukui


This is Japan Juggling Association event.


** Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus, it will be difficult to ensure the health and safety of participants and visitors, so the JJF2020 Championship will be cancelled. **


The Japan Juggling Festival (JJF) is Japan’s largest juggling competition, hosted by the Japan Juggling Association.

The festival is a once a year event in which jugglers from professionals to complete beginners can gather in one place to enjoy juggling as art, sport, or simply as a recreational activity.

It is a festival made by jugglers, for jugglers.

The first JJF was held in 1999 in Fuchu, and since then has been held in a different location each year.

It will be the 22nd time in Fukui Prefecture in 2020.

The intention behind the JJF is listed below:

To convey the fun of juggling to a wide audience.

There are still few opportunities to see juggling in Japan, and there is little in place for those who wish to learn to juggle in order to help them proceed.

For that reason, the festival offers opportunities to experience juggling first-hand, through a range of workshops aimed at beginners, as well as stage shows which showcase world class juggling.

Through this, we aim to spread the enjoyment and knowledge of juggling to a wider audience.
To create an opportunity for Japanese jugglers and the rest of the world to meet and interact in one place.

The number of jugglers practising either on their own or with juggling clubs is increasing every year.

The JJF offers a fantastic opportunity for these people to gather in one place and share ideas and information with each other.

There are also workshops aimed at intermediate to advanced jugglers, games, and also opportunities to perform on the free performance stage.
To improve the level of juggling in Japan.

There is a national championship held every year as part of the JJF.

The contestants perform and show their originality and skill within a fixed time period.

This championship aims to provide an opportunity to promote and cultivate Japanese performers, and also contribute to the improvement of juggling as a whole.

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