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("Making learning juggling fun and life transforming". to its friends)

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Tuesday, 2021-09-14 to Thursday, 2021-09-23


toffia, italy




Hey Juggler and circus teacher,

I’ve put together a training to take you and your students to the next level!

"Making learning juggling fun and life transforming".

Pearls of Juggling Intensive Teacher Training 2021

Italy 14-24 September - Part 1&2

You may already be teaching and want to be able to engage your students more, perhaps inspire them and get them excited about the creative process. Perhaps you’ve just started teaching or are thinking about it and realise you need more than pure juggling skills to keep a class engaged and to be able to motivate them.

Imagine a class where everyone is engaged and really having fun while developing awesome juggling skills and pushing their limits in all directions. Where you have the skills not just to motivate great technical improvement but also take them on a creative journey that’s fun. Not leaving anyone behind and getting everyone to fall in love with learning to learn. Themed classes where juggling is a pretext for learning how to be a human through important life skills: collaboration – encouragement – resilience – enthusiasm – courage to fail – empathy - solution based versus problem based and so on.

After this training you will be able to transmit your passion and creativity to others, as well as create fun, engaging classes for mixed level students. You will have even more confidence in your ability to allow others individuality to emerge. You will enter into a virtuous cycle of enthusiasm and will feel inspired to dive deeper into your own practice'

You will have a method that you can adapt to your own needs.

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As a self taught juggler I wanted to find out how other disciplines taught their art, I focused mainly on contemporary dance, taichi and yoga, then on to a three year circus-theatre school in Switzerland – Dimitri. Later I discovered more playful pedagogical methods that go really well with circus disciplines to empower the students to break through their limitations while having fun.

I documented my research in my book Pearls of Juggling (2015).

The training will be split into three parts. The first two from 14-24 September.

Part 1 is dedicated to Mindset - body and breath work - focused training, juggling and movement, playfulness and engagement, learning to learn. How to create a friendly and fun sharing environment. Juggling as a tool for personal growth. We connect to our juggling like never before.

In Part 2 we go deeper into the creative process. We will explore how to create and hold a safe and brave space for this. Creating through improvisation and with the help of others improvisation and creativity, sequences and mini routines.
Everyone will come out with a new routine!

Priority will be given to participants that wish to take part in the whole training signed up by the 15th of August.

It will be possible to participate in just the first part. If you’ve already been to one of my longer workshops it will be possible to participate in just the second part.

The course will take place in Italy and be held in nature. The food will be healthy vegetarian, mainly gluten and dairy free.

[Part 3 will be the final part to complete your training.
Course work, class plans, and observations. A short dissertation on a theme we’ll decide together. Completing this third part will certify you to teach as a Pearls of Juggling Trainer. The last part of the training will conclude with 2 days in person/online in February].

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Testimonials to get you in the mood!

“I learned about yoga, qi gong and taichi. I experienced my body in an unusual way and got inspiration for my own practice. I learned about improvisation and elements to put around juggling and also practised developing sequences which is the base of developing a whole well structured performance. I feel more confident with the thought of developing my own juggling performance or starting a project with other people together. I learned about giving workshops and teaching. I learned a lot about emotions and how they are connected to the posture and how they effect the juggling. I learned a lot about people and group dynamics and about myself.


“The 10 day workshop was a fresh look at the lesser known fundamentals of juggling. How to think down, breath better, stand still and move in ways that made my practice come alive and flow with great ease. The creation processes we used were very powerful and useful for devising very personal work. The 10 day workshop was a surprising spiritual journey, at times greatly challenging and times a taste of paradise”.


“An incredible intensive experience, I got more connected with body through yoga, tai chi, qi gong and several other exercises and kinds of movement but not only a physical connection was created furthermore meditations, breathing exercises and other mindful practises created a mindset which could really go into the process of creativity. Every exercise or practise leads besides other good benefits, to different points of view and in the end you got so many enriched tools for your practise but also you got a good base in juggling with movement, with emotions. After the workshop you are able to use and be aware of so many different aspects in juggling that you somehow could say you redefined your juggling. You get a feeling of improvisation not only with but without, so many aspects are mentioned and exercised which all bring different benefits to your juggling and life”.

Fidel Rott

“These ten days gave me the opportunity to take a look inside my perception of Juggling. It changed the way I approached my training and creation work. This workshop is for everyone who wants to explore new ways of trick and sequence creation, as well as making a journey to your inner self and reflecting old habits and ways. The course is very intense and brought me to my borders physically and mentally. I am happy I took this course because it enriched my juggling and myself. Besides Anthony is a great teacher, juggler and human being!”


“The Ten day workshop has had a profound effect on me both mentally and physically. Throughout the ten days I experienced both diligent technique and outbursts of radical joyous unregulated play. Both worked hand in glove with each other. Above and beyond the technical work in Tai Chi, Yoga, Movement and prop manipulation etc. there is a vital comradery of cooking for each other that separates this from a series of classes to a place that lives for ten days. To feel a part of that is truly both energising and grounding. A balance is struck between personal research/training and ensemble/guided work. They both fueled off one another. Having been professional in the juggling industry for many years I wanted to rediscover it as “juggling for juggling sake”.

I feel that I have found this here, in Italy, I am genuinely excited to go home and practice some new skills that I was able to find here. That is a feeling that I have not felt for many years in Juggling. I highly recommend this workshop. Full stop.

(But if you want more specifics...)This workshop is great for those jugglers who want to explore new dimensions in their juggling, how interdisciplinary work can really fuel your juggling and your life”.

Jimi xxx

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Cheers, Anthony

Life Coach, Yogi, juggler and author of Pearls of Juggling!

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