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21st International Juggling and Theatre Workshop ALEJE 2022

(ALEJE 2022 to its friends)

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Saturday, 2022-08-20 to Friday, 2022-08-26


Osvracin 7, 345 61 Osvracin, Czech Republic






We are happy to invite you to the 21st Juggling and theatre workshop ALEJE 2022 with the master class of a great and innovative German juggler ANNI KÜPPER.
WHEN: 20. - 26. 8. 2022 in Osvracin, Czech Republic
WHAT TO EXPECT: A friendly and family-like atmosphere, many other spontaneous workshops in the afternnoons, dining together and much more!
More info and registration HERE:

Looking forward to hosting you in the Czech Republic! Dasha and Adela from KUFR Theatre

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