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Friday, 2005-10-14 to Thursday, 2005-11-03


Parvis Saint Gilles



As a guest of Espace Catastrophe for our tenth anniversary the TROTTOLA Circus will set up its tent in Saint-Gilles for 3 weeks performances from October 14th to November 5th 2005
A curious atmosphere seizes us when entering the small tent : warmth, mystery, proximity and seduction. This place is both intimate and living. In the twilight, on the round and small stage, artists are always very near, wherever you're sitting. Above the entrance lies a bric-a-brac made out of machines, music boxes and other weird objects…

Immediately, a sad music gets through the whole space. In the background, everything seems old and used. One could picture oneself in a fantasy tale, the den of an ogre or some similar monstrous creature. In the center of the stage lies a spinning top ("trottola" in Italian). A tough man appears in a brutal and chaotic walk (Bonaventure Gacon). He takes a string and a hook out of his pocket, with which he moves the spinning top. Then comes a kind of pop-eyed androgynous character (Titoune) with red fuzzy hair and short pants. She looks like a dislocated puppet.

Between these two characters starts a particular relationship, ambiguous and blurred, made out of curiosity, distrust, competition, tenderness, humor and connivance. They tell us their stories by means of acrobatics, balance and swinging trapeze, in a both simple and sophisticated way.

A dandy-looking third character (Laurent Cabrol), progressively interferes in their game. He is a juggling master. Balls or top-hats, everything in his hands becomes magic and gets motion in a wild, both poetic and mechanic ballet…

Practical information:

- Suitable for all audiences from 8 years old
- 75 minutes (no break)
- Location : Circus Tent in Saint-Gilles (Square Hôtel des Monnaies)
- Dates : from October 14th to November 5th 2005; every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (except October 21st) and Saturday at 8:30 PM, and Sunday 23rd at 6:30 PM.
- Fares : 12€/8€
- Information and booking : Espace Catastrophe. 0032 (0)2/538 12 02 - Website :

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