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Wednesday, 2006-03-08





Hi There,

I have just been on your site and I was wondering if the following would be of interest to your members.

I am running a number of Balloon Jams (Q-Jam) around the UK - a day which balloon twisters gather together and share their balloon ideas, tips and tricks for entertaining and best of all the balloons are FREE. I would be very grateful if you could post this information on your site for everyone to see.


Twisters, Magicians, Jugglers & entertainers of all kinds . . .
Welcome to the Q-Jams and your chance to improve or show off your Balloon Modelling skills as well as networking with other balloon enthusiasts. This day is all about you on which you are sure to expand your knowledge and most importantly have a fun filled day with FREE balloons and an empty room….what are you waiting for call Lara today to book your place!

Beginners to advanced twisters, as long as you can tie a balloon and have some twisting experience you are very welcome. If you know that you will be attending or think it might be of interest to you then get in touch with Lara Dean from Qualatex on 0800 281215 - 01279 501090 or email Lara - This will give us an idea of how many people will be attending.

The next Q-Jam is on the 8th March - 10am-6pm which is being held in Exeter - venue to be confirmed.

If you think that the Q-Jams would be of interest to anyone else then please pass this information to them. For more information and dates on other Q-Jams please visit and look in the calendar section under Q-Jam.


Again if you could inform your members of this I would be very grateful and alsoif you do please it on your site could I also ask you to email me to let me know.

My kindest regards

Dee White

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