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Juggling events - USA‎ 2003

EventStart dateDaysCountry
4th Annual Damento Juggling Festival2003-01-313USA‎
Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival2003-01-313USA‎
Jugglefest Austin 20032003-02-073USA‎
MONDO Jugglefest XIV2003-02-073USA‎
Jones Juggle Fest2003-02-081USA‎
The 18th Annual Hawaiian Juggling Festival2003-02-118USA‎
TerrierFest Juggling Convention2003-02-231USA‎
Juggling Festival2003-03-073USA‎
Tejas Juggling Fest2003-03-134USA‎
Monkey Business III2003-03-143USA‎
Pittsburgh Juggling Festival2003-03-223USA‎
NYC Juggle This Too!2003-03-292USA‎
April Fools Juggling Festival/Southeast Regional Yo-Yo Contest2003-04-043USA‎
11th Congress of Jugglers2003-04-113USA‎
OZ Fest 2.02003-04-113USA‎
VEISHEA Juggling and Unicycling Extravaganza2003-04-113USA‎
Isla Vista Jugglers Festival2003-04-183USA‎
3rd Annual Humboldt Juggling Festival2003-04-253USA‎
Toss Up 20032003-04-253USA‎
Cascadia 20032003-05-022USA‎
RIT Spring Juggle-In 26th Annual2003-05-023USA‎
Bates Jugglin' Festival2003-05-101USA‎
Road Show USA2003-06-0527USA‎
4th Annual West VIrginia Juggling Festival2003-06-063USA‎
2003 Flatland Juggling Festival2003-06-273USA‎
Seattle Juggling Festival2003-06-273USA‎
2003 IJA Juggling Festival2003-07-146USA‎
3rd Annual Coeur d' Alene Juggling Festival2003-08-153USA‎
Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival2003-09-052USA‎
Lake Forest Illinois Spring Fling2003-09-053USA‎
Portland Juggling Festival2003-09-263USA‎
15th Lodi Juggling Festival2003-10-104USA‎
Ft. Wayne Jugglers Anonymous - Juggling Festival2003-10-103USA‎
Midland Juggling Fest 20032003-10-102USA‎
Philly Fest2003-10-112USA‎
Quad Cities Jugglefest2003-10-313USA‎
SIRCUS (St. Ignatius, Rubber City Ultimate Symposium)2003-11-012USA‎
7th Annual Big Red Juggle Fest2003-11-073USA‎
Nomadic Juggling Festival-Loose affiliation of San Dieguito/San Diego Jugglers2003-11-073USA‎
2nd annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival!2003-11-143USA‎
Umass Amherst Juggling Club2003-12-011USA‎
The World Juggling Federation's Convention & Competitions2003-12-166USA‎
9th Annual St. Louis Juggling Festival2003-12-193USA‎

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