Juggling events - Reino Unido‎ 2013

EventStart dateDaysCountry
London International Mime Festival2013-01-1018Reino Unido‎
Chocfest 18 - York's Juggling Convention2013-01-261Reino Unido‎
UK Northern Regional Kendama Championships2013-01-261Reino Unido‎
Ballring Circus Convention 20132013-02-021Reino Unido‎
Belfast juggling Convention2013-02-153Reino Unido‎
Showzam! Blackpool's Festival of Circus, Magic & New Variety2013-02-1510Reino Unido‎
Bath UpChuck 20132013-02-231Reino Unido‎
Sheffield Circus Gathering2013-03-091Reino Unido‎
Circus Hallam Masterclasses2013-03-101Reino Unido‎
Juggling Act Creation Masterclass with Steven Ragatz2013-04-033Reino Unido‎
British Juggling Convention 20132013-04-096Reino Unido‎
27th April 2013 - Unicycle & Circus Meetings for beginners to experts!2013-04-271Reino Unido‎
British Kendama Open2013-04-272Reino Unido‎
Lestival! The Leicester Circus Festival2013-05-041Reino Unido‎
Bungay Balls Up 20132013-05-1810Reino Unido‎
London Hoop Fest2013-05-207Reino Unido‎
British Unicycle Convention2013-05-243Reino Unido‎
Oxford Juggling Convention2013-06-011Reino Unido‎
Scottish Kendama Open2013-06-011Reino Unido‎
World Juggling Day, UK2013-06-143Reino Unido‎
Glastonbury Festival2013-06-265Reino Unido‎
JuggLINCOLNvention2013-07-053Reino Unido‎
Winchester Hat Fair 20132013-07-053Reino Unido‎
SURGE2013-07-227Reino Unido‎
Crawley Circus Festival 20132013-08-023Reino Unido‎
Play Festival 20132013-08-145Reino Unido‎
London Acrobatics Convention 20132013-08-234Reino Unido‎
Edinburgh Aerial & Acro Convention 20132013-09-063Reino Unido‎
The Return of Oh No Nott Another Juggling Convention2013-09-071Reino Unido‎
Bristol Circus Festival2013-09-1352Reino Unido‎
Flow Feast UK (Weekend Retreat) 20132013-09-204Reino Unido‎
Bristol - The Number 1 Juggling Convention - 20132013-09-219Reino Unido‎
Manchester Juggling Convention 152013-10-121Reino Unido‎
17th Durham Juggling Convention2013-10-183Reino Unido‎
Camvention - Cambridge Juggling Convention2013-10-261Reino Unido‎
South West Hoop Conference 20132013-11-083Reino Unido‎
Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 42013-11-091Reino Unido‎
VERTigo - Ieuan's Birthday Convention 20132013-11-161Reino Unido‎
Leeds Juggling Convention2013-11-231Reino Unido‎
Greenwich Circus Festival 20132013-12-142Reino Unido‎

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