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el_grimley -

Juggling in journals...

I'm currently trying to put together a thing which includes some of the benefits of juggling and would like to be sure what I am saying is accurate and backed up by science. Trouble is, most of the journals I am coming across are paywalled which goes against the openness of the thing I am trying to put together (I want to be transparent). Are there any good journal articles that anyone knows about that are worth a read that aren't paywalled. I also want to make sure I am not caught in some kind of Google search bubble.


Mike Moore - - Parent

This is a great summary of some literature:

There's also some work on anxiety easing due to juggling. IMO, limited academic research, but I have seen a couple therapists (I think) report positive effects in less formal media.

As for specifically non-paywalled, theses come to mind. There was one from the University of Manitoba:
The Impact of Circus Arts Instruction on the Physical Literacy of Children in Grades 4 and 5

el_grimley - - Parent


Little Paul - - Parent

For paywalled articles, if you can track down the authors I’ve had some success in the past by emailing the author and asking for a copy of the article.

it’s not always possible to identify current contact information, and success will vary depending on the author (and how nicely you ask!) but it doesn’t cost anything to try.

el_grimley - - Parent

I'm trying to make what I am putting together easy to be checked. If I jumped through hoops to get some information I don't want other people to do the same. That said I have often found that reading a lot of journals, especially the links they give, and then narrowing down later super useful so I'll give this a go.

Dee - - Parent

Have you searched using google scholar? They will often link to self-archived versions that are not behind paywalls.

For example, as a UK academic, I have to put my papers on my institutional research repository. The library then works out when this can be released (according to copyright restrictions) for open access on our site, which is sometimes before the version on the main site becomes open access.

el_grimley - - Parent

Thanks. I'll have a look at this over the weekend.

Ilia Poliakov - - Parent

Hi! Most popular benefits you can find at Dave Finnigan and Tom Wall.
I have some papers not about benefits, but about science of juggling. Write me to email if you interested in. ilimmd@gmail.com


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