Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic many events have been cancelled, some are being postponed, some are moving online. This database is being updated as and when information becomes available.

Please do not attend any gathering until your country's social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

Juggling events 2012

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Juggling On Ice - 1st Waidhofner Juggling and performing arts convention2012-01-054Austria (Österreich)‎
Turbo Fest VI2012-01-063Canada‎
InJuCo 20122012-01-097India‎
2012 Seattle Juggling Festival2012-01-124USA‎
47th Annual Madison Juggling Festival2012-01-133USA‎
Danish Juggling Convention2012-01-133Denmark (Danmark)‎
Western Australian Circus Festival, training week2012-01-155Australia‎
The Bristol University Juggling Convention 92012-01-211UK‎
Sydney Juggling Convention 20122012-01-264Australia‎
Chocfest 17 - York's Juggling Convention2012-01-281UK‎
Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival2012-02-033USA‎
Winter Juggling Weekend2012-02-033Netherlands (Nederland)‎
IMC 32012-02-042Austria (Österreich)‎
Winterfest 2012 Gabriola Island Juggling and Circus Festival2012-02-103Canada‎
Ballring Circus Convention 20122012-02-111UK‎
Belfast Juggling Convention 20122012-02-173UK‎
MONDO JuggleFest XXIII2012-02-173USA‎
Austin Jugglefest2012-02-243USA‎
Damento Juggling Festival 20122012-02-243USA‎
Havixbecker Zention 20122012-02-243Germany (Deutschland)‎
Bath UpChuck 20122012-02-251UK‎
As Yet Unnamed Pocono Juggle Fest2012-03-023USA‎
Jonglierfestival Dresden 2012-03-023Germany (Deutschland)‎
Tucson Juggling Festival 20122012-03-023USA‎
Congress of Jugglers 20122012-03-093USA‎
Illini Juggling and Unicycle Club Festival2012-03-093USA‎
20th Annual Waterloo Juggling Festival2012-03-102Canada‎
Dortmund Flames 20122012-03-163Germany (Deutschland)‎
Humboldt Juggling Festival2012-03-163USA‎
The 20th Annual New Zealand Juggling Festival 2012-03-224New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Dublin Circus Convention2012-03-233Ireland (Éire)‎
12. Bremer Jonglierconvention2012-03-303Germany (Deutschland)‎
StoThrow 20122012-03-311USA‎
InJuCo 2012 - Bali2012-04-025Indonesia‎
Drübber Gauklertreffen2012-04-056Germany (Deutschland)‎
GYYA Yo-Yo Camp2012-04-054Germany (Deutschland)‎
5ième Festival Rencontre des Jonglages2012-04-063France‎
Au Bout des Doigts2012-04-064France‎
Jugglers wedding festival2012-04-063Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Swedish Juggling Convention2012-04-064Sweden (Sverige)‎
Fremantle Street Arts Festival 2012-04-073Australia‎
Monkey See, Monkey Do Too! (Vassar College Barefoot Monkeys)2012-04-072USA‎
Passfestival 20122012-04-073Netherlands (Nederland)‎
British Juggling Convention 20122012-04-115UK‎
35th RIT Spring Juggle-In2012-04-133USA‎
Jongliertreffen mit Thomas Dietz. Die Traumfabrik lädt ein.2012-04-133Germany (Deutschland)‎
Kosicky KUZEL - The Festival of Slovak juggling2012-04-133Slovakia (Slovenská republika)‎
VI Juggling Convention Utebo2012-04-133Spain (España)‎
Gandini Juggling Audition Workshop2012-04-161UK‎
Cancelled *** CANCELLED *** British Unicycle Convention (BUC) 2012 *** CANCELLED ***2012-04-203UK‎
April Fools Juggling Festival2012-04-203USA‎
Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival2012-04-203USA‎
6 Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza2012-04-275Italy (Italia)‎
Augsburger Notconvention 20122012-04-273Germany (Deutschland)‎
European Yo-Yo Meeting 20122012-04-273Netherlands (Nederland)‎
IV Convenção Paulista de Malabarismo e Circo2012-04-275Brazil (Brasil)‎
2,5. METU Juggling Convention2012-04-282Turkey (Türkiye)‎
Allgäu Pass Convention2012-05-043Germany (Deutschland)‎
Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival 20122012-05-051USA‎
Lestival 5!2012-05-051UK‎
Festival de Cirque de Montréal2012-05-113Canada‎
Niederländischer Einradtag 20122012-05-131Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Dutch Juggling Convention 2012, NJF20122012-05-174Netherlands (Nederland)‎
HockHart Camp 20122012-05-174Germany (Deutschland)‎
Juwenaliowy Zlot Kuglarsko-Slacklinowy!! 20122012-05-243Poland (Polska)‎
28th Nordic Juggling Convention2012-05-253Denmark (Danmark)‎
5. Drop am See 20122012-05-254Germany (Deutschland)‎
Bungay Balls Up 20122012-05-2611UK‎
Child's Play PAssion Juggling Festival 20122012-05-262Singapore‎
May Madness JuggleFest 20122012-05-261USA‎
VII Convención de Circo y Artes Callejeras de Nanegalito2012-05-314Ecuador‎
20è Rencontre des Fous D'la Jongle2012-06-013France‎
Dresdner Einradtag2012-06-031Germany (Deutschland)‎
Berlin Juggling Convention | Berliner Jonglier Convention2012-06-074Germany (Deutschland)‎
3rd Annual Junction Jugglefest2012-06-083USA‎
Flatland Juggling Festival2012-06-083USA‎
Jonglagogo 20122012-06-083France‎
Spielpause 20122012-06-083Germany (Deutschland)‎
Circalira 2012 Festa de Circ- 1 day juggling festival2012-06-091Spain (España)‎
Alle Mitmischen 20122012-06-144Germany (Deutschland)‎
14. Freiburger Jongliertreffen (Freiburg Juggling Festival)2012-06-153Germany (Deutschland)‎
Boulder Juggling Festival 20122012-06-153USA‎
Jonglierili2012-06-153Austria (Österreich)‎
World Juggling Day - UK2012-06-153UK‎
MadSkillz Vancouver 20122012-06-223Canada‎
Norwegian Juggling Convention 20122012-06-265Norway (Norge)‎
Carlos Munoz Masterclass Workshop 2012-06-293Austria (Österreich)‎
Pacific NorthWest Juggling Convention2012-06-293USA‎
Pass like an Egyptian! 7. Nürtinger Jonglierconvention2012-06-293Germany (Deutschland)‎
Lange Jongliernacht2012-06-302Germany (Deutschland)‎
SummerFlame - festival of fire and moving arts 2012-07-036Austria (Österreich)‎
Festival "Following Isaac Bashevis Singer's traces"2012-07-0818Poland (Polska)‎
French Juggling Convention 20122012-07-106France‎
POSTconvention Lüneburg2012-07-133Germany (Deutschland)‎
World Kendama Championships2012-07-142Japan (日本)‎
65th Annual IJA Juggling Festival2012-07-167USA‎
The 12th Bestcoastfestival2012-07-205Norway (Norge)‎
Unicon162012-07-2012Italy (Italia)‎
35th European Juggling Convention Lublin, Poland2012-07-289Poland (Polska)‎
Stickball Workshop mit Caleb Trott2012-07-302Austria (Österreich)‎
European Kendama Open Championships2012-08-011Poland (Polska)‎
Return 2 Roots Hoop Festival 20122012-08-022USA‎
Light and Motion Prop Festival 42012-08-042Canada‎
WJF 82012-08-076USA‎
FDC 2012 - Finnish Diabolo Convention2012-08-094Finland (Suomi)‎
Eifel Jonglier Zusammenkunft2012-08-103Germany (Deutschland)‎
1st annual Korean Juggling Festival2012-08-112South Korea (대한민국)‎
Play Festival 20122012-08-155UK‎
10th Hungarian Juggling Convention2012-08-164Hungary (Magyarország)‎
Berkeley Juggling and Unicycling Festival 20122012-08-173USA‎
CARPE VIAM - Seize the Streets2012-08-176Germany (Deutschland)‎
RheinErftJuggling Neusser Jonglierconvention2012-08-173Germany (Deutschland)‎
2nd Pinzgau Juggling Convention (PJC)2012-08-234Austria (Österreich)‎
4. Cottbuser Jonglierconvention2012-08-243Germany (Deutschland)‎
Tartajongle - 7th Normandy Juggling and Unicycling Convention2012-08-243France‎
11th International Theatre- Juggling Workshop ALEJE 20122012-08-257Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
The Beirut Juggles Initiative2012-08-2813Lebanon (لبنان)‎
18. Deutsch-Tschechischen Jonglier- und Gauklertreffen2012-08-313Germany (Deutschland)‎
Kansas City Juggling Festival2012-08-313USA‎
Oskar Maus Festival2012-08-3110Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
Swiss Juggling Convention2012-08-313Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
The Assembly of Awesome2012-08-313USA‎
Tutti Matti per Colorno - Festa Internazionale di Circo di Teatro di Strada2012-08-313Italy (Italia)‎
Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli (Stromboli Fire Festival)2012-09-0115Italy (Italia)‎
Piccadilly Circus Circus2012-09-021UK‎
3rd International Ministry of Manipulation Workshop2012-09-035Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
Lake Tahoe Flow Arts Festival 20122012-09-043USA‎
22. Karlsruher Jonglier- und Kleinkunstfestival2012-09-064Germany (Deutschland)‎
8va Convención Internacional de Circo de Venezuela (The 8th International Venezuelan Circus Convention)2012-09-064Venezuela‎
Intercircu Bauru 20122012-09-064Brazil (Brasil)‎
Edinburgh Aerial & Acro Convention 20122012-09-073UK‎
European Hula Hoop Convention 2012 (& Sheffield Circus Skills Convention)2012-09-073UK‎
3º Convencion de Circo y otras Artes Callejeras Paraguay 2012 2012-09-134Paraguay‎
CircoCentrica VII Convention Romana di Giocoleria2012-09-134Italy (Italia)‎
Pacific Fire Gathering 20122012-09-133USA‎
12. Berliner Akrobatikfestival (12th Berlin Acrobatics Convention)2012-09-143Germany (Deutschland)‎
Flow Feast UK (Weekend Retreat) 20122012-09-144UK‎
German Hoop Convention2012-09-143Germany (Deutschland)‎
Bristol Beatboxing and Juggling Jam2012-09-161UK‎
Burning Bizarre Convention 20122012-09-213Germany (Deutschland)‎
Rigiocolando2012-09-212Italy (Italia)‎
Bristol - The Number 1 Juggling Convention - 20122012-09-229UK‎
Jönköping Juggling Convention - JJC2012-09-283Sweden (Sverige)‎
Melbourne Juggling Convention 20122012-09-284Australia‎
The Portland Juggling Festival 20122012-09-283USA‎
De Skjève Conventie2012-09-292Belgium (België)‎
PHILLY FEST 2012 - 30th Annual Philadelphia Jugglers Festival2012-09-292USA‎
Türkiye Jonglörlük Festivali (Turkish Juggling Convention) 72012-10-017Turkey (Türkiye)‎
Asheville Juggling Festival: The Year of the Hootenanny!2012-10-053USA‎
Flow Camp 20122012-10-053USA‎
VIII Encuentro Malabaristas Malabaria 20122012-10-053Spain (España)‎
15. German Yo-Yo Masters 20122012-10-062Germany (Deutschland)‎
Circolandia Supernatural2012-10-062Brazil (Brasil)‎
IV Festival Circ Altea2012-10-062Spain (España)‎
Japan Juggling Festival 2012 in Tokyo2012-10-063Japan (日本)‎
Kendama en Malabaria VIII2012-10-061Spain (España)‎
21. Bremer Akrobatiktreffen 2012 (21st Bremen Acrobatics Convention 2012)2012-10-114Germany (Deutschland)‎
Circo Circolo 20122012-10-1111Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Herfscht Jonghleer Weeckeinde (Autumnn Jugglinge Weekende, Enschede)2012-10-123Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Manchester Juggling Convention 14 → Moved to 27 October2012-10-131UK‎
Juggling Full Immersion2012-10-141Italy (Italia)‎
The Showman's Show 20122012-10-172UK‎
14 Festival Internazionale del Circo – Città di Latina (International Circus Festival - City of Latina)2012-10-185Italy (Italia)‎
Harens jongleerweekend, editie 22012-10-184Netherlands (Nederland)‎
XIV Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte Callejero (Chilean Circus and Street Arts Convention)2012-10-184Chile‎
IJA Regional Competition - Chile2012-10-181Chile‎
5-3-1 Festival of New Juggling in Helsinki2012-10-193Finland (Suomi)‎
Cleveland Circus2012-10-193USA‎
Durham Juggling Convention2012-10-193UK‎
Heat Festival 20122012-10-194New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Mid-Missouri Creative Ministries 2nd Annual Conference2012-10-193USA‎
Schärding Juggling Convention 20122012-10-193Austria (Österreich)‎
AYCO New York Regional Festival 20122012-10-211USA‎
3ª Convención de Circo y Artes amigas de Bahía Blanca (3rd Convention of Circus Arts and Friends of Bahía Blanca)2012-10-245Argentina‎
Circa - Festival du Cirque Actuel2012-10-2610France‎
Halloween Convention, Munich 20122012-10-263Germany (Deutschland)‎
NPSCJ Jugglefest 20122012-10-263USA‎
ZirkuLaer Nº8 - Jonglieren die ganze Nacht... (Juggling the whole Night...)2012-10-263Germany (Deutschland)‎
Manchester Juggling Convention 142012-10-271UK‎
UK Southern Regional Kendama Championships2012-10-281UK‎
7ª Cirkonvención Mexikana (7th Mexican Circus Convention)2012-11-015Mexico (México)‎
Valparaíso Circo 2012 2012-11-014Chile‎
26e Rencontre Internationale de la Jonglerie et du Funambulisme!2012-11-023Belgium (België)‎
Florida Flow Fest 20122012-11-023USA‎
Pražský Žonglérský Marathon 2012 (Prague Juggling Marathon 2012)2012-11-023Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
Spring CampOut2012-11-023Australia‎
1º Convención de Circo y Artes del Palo. La Plata (1st Palo Convention of Circus Arts. La Plata)2012-11-084Argentina‎
Circulation2012-11-084New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 32012-11-101UK‎
14ª Convenção Brasileira de Malabarismo e Circo (14th Brazilian Juggling and Circus Convention)2012-11-145Brazil (Brasil)‎
6ta Convención Uruguaya de Malabares y Circo (6th Uruguayan Juggling & Circus Convention)2012-11-154Uruguay‎
Festival Ozomatli2012-11-154Mexico (México)‎
IJA Regional Competition - Brazil2012-11-151Brazil (Brasil)‎
Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival 52012-11-162USA‎
Beyond Circus2012-11-224UK‎
Tralee Circus Festival2012-11-224Ireland (Éire)‎
16ª Convención Argentina de Circo, Payasos y Espectáculos Callejero (16th Argentinian Circus, Clown & Street Performers Convention)2012-11-236Argentina‎
DumBo Days2012-11-233Belgium (België)‎
The London (Juggling) Convention 20122012-11-241UK‎
Xarivari IX - Encuentro de Circo y Arte Popular sin Fronteras (Meeting of Circus & Popular Arts without Borders)2012-11-285Spain (España)‎
4° Encuentro de Circo Mar del Plata (4th Mar del Plata Circus Meeting)2012-11-294Argentina‎
3ro. Festival de Circo y Arte Callejero “Santa Risa” 2012-11-303Argentina‎
5. Allgäuer Artistik Convention2012-11-303Germany (Deutschland)‎
Uppsala Adventskonvent 20122012-11-303Sweden (Sverige)‎
9° Encuentro de Circo de Cordoba2012-12-064Argentina‎
Festival Circo Brasilia2012-12-0611Brazil (Brasil)‎
Leeds Juggling Convention2012-12-081UK‎
Master Ong's Flow Birthday2012-12-081USA‎
Greenwich Circus Festival 20122012-12-143UK‎
Zsonglőr Karácsony2012-12-211Hungary (Magyarország)‎
Diabolo Malaysia Open Competition 20122012-12-222Malaysia‎
Malaysia Zone D Carnival 2012 (7th ‘Ling Ju‘ Tshing Nian Diabolo Camp & Zone Diabolo Championship 2012)2012-12-255Malaysia‎
Passout X2012-12-278Germany (Deutschland)‎

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